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Get Real Time Analytics For Your Youtube Videos

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

Youtube is by far the most visited site for people when they want to find a video on their subject of interest. In the US alone, according to a study by AYTM Market Research, about 60% of internet users visited the site once a week, as of March 2013. It popularity has also resulted in it begin used by brands across the world to popularize their products or services. Given its extensive use, how do you effectively use it to reach out to exactly the people who need your products or services? This is where making use of an analytics tool or platform like Tubular Labs comes into importance.


What does Tubular Labs do?

Tubular Labs is meant for media companies who wants to track real time analytics of their YouTube videos. Tubular Labs lets you find the audience, engage with them and grow them on YouTube so that they can capture a lead in the market, not just in their home country, but in various global locations. Such is its effectiveness with its users that big names in the online video industry have given it a boost with a $3.15 million funding.

Get in-depth insights on your YouTube videos

Tubular Labs lets you know who is your right audience and enables you to grow it so that your brand attracts more customers and gains expected sales figures.  It lets you do a lot of things like finding the right keywords for your video, the best time to post it on YouTube and lock in on influencers who can popularize your video across a large volume of people quickly and effectively. By knowing the best influencers and accessing them, you can instantly popularize your brand like no other marketing strategy.

YouTube Analytics

Being interactive is the name of the game when it comes to connecting with your audience. Get out there and speak to the people who want to know you better and whose ideas you could well use to enhance your products or services. This tool enables you to catch up on your super fans so that you can connect to them and give them more of what your company does best, thus retaining loyalty and popularizing your brand. With Tubular Labs you will never miss any comments or questions and can use it easily to send a reply. Remember it’s how fast you communicate that impresses your audience and Tubular Labs assists you in doing just that.

A key element to knowing where you stand in your market is learning about your competitor’s growth. You can easily find this out using this platform. It also assists you in finding new collaborations and check how there is working out for you.


1. Dashboard is easy to use

2. Gets real time data on your audience’s interaction and engagement with your video

3. Offer excellent insight on how to expand audience to gain higher sales


In addition to Youtube it can also cover other video channels

I give this tool a 4.5 rating because of how well it is able to fetch you data on your video engagement with Youtube audience. By using it you can find out your markets and better engage with your audience by learning what clicks with them. Enhance your Youtube marketing strategies, make them more effective and create a powerful brand impact by making use of this analytics platform.

Tubular Labs Youtube Analytics Platform – Review

Price Tag: Creator plan is $49 per month and the Pro Plan is $129 per month

Rating- 4.5

Official website here : Tubular Labs

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