I keep track of the best products and deals in the industry. Here is a list of the best ones I’ve found. Some of these might include my affiliate links, some may not.


Hostinger is probably the cheapest WordPress host you’ll find today.


GoDaddy is a great choice for beginners. Although I don’t think it’s the best. Most people who start with GoDaddy move out of it pretty soon.


Among low-cost hosting options, SiteGround is probably the best. It’s economical as well as reliable. Many top bloggers are on SiteGround.


If your blog is slowly growing in traffic and needs a good host to contain all that traffic with a lot of customization options, then this is the best host for you.


Kinsta is my only choice when it comes to high traffic websites. You cannot get a better service than Kinsta at the moment. Expensive though.


When it comes to SEO, my tool of choice is SEMrush. Very easy to use, flexible and very insightful.

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