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Google Updates Page Speed Insights Tool!

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

So, Google just updated its Page Speed Insights tool – the tool webmasters can use to analyze and grade their websites performance.

According to Google, the old tool provided suggestions without context on how the website/pages performed in real world, making it difficult for webmasters to figure out when and what to implement based on the suggestions. This time around, the new PageSpeed Insights tool will use data from the Chrome User Experience Report, which will make sure that the analysis is more in tune with real world data.

Three speed categories Fast, Average, or Slow.
The page speed insights tool now shows three speed categories for pages analyzed. This is determined by looking at the median value of two metrics: First Contentful Paint (FCP) and DOM Content Loaded (DCL).

Good, Medium, or Low performance.
The is a new way of scoring that grades a website as good, medium or low based on how much performance optimization is done.

Page Load Distribution
This new section shows how this page’s FCP and DCL events are distributed in the data set. These events are categorized as Fast (top third), Average (middle third), and Slow (bottom third) by comparing to all events in the Chrome User Experience Report.

Round Trips
PSI tool will also now show a score based on how many round trips are required to load the page’s render-blocking resources. It can indicate if the page might be faster if the developer modifies the appearance and functionality of the page.

Optimization Suggestions is a list of best practices that could be applied to this page. If the page is fast, these suggestions are hidden by default, as the page is already in the top third of all pages in the data set.

Source – Official Google Webmaster’s Blog

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