5 Great Call Tracking Apps w/ Integrated Analytics for Marketing Automation

The right call tracking and marketing analytics application can push your business on to the road of success. They quickly retrieve accurate analytics data, which reveals as to which campaigns and marketing strategies are doing the best so that you can maximize on them and implement their features in other advertising activities.


Here is a look at the top five call tracking and analytics applications:

1. LogMyCalls – This flexible application offers a host of features through which you can get the maximum from your marketing efforts and tremendously enhance sale figures. It is designed to analyze a phone call and work out automated actions based on its results.  Whew! It offers analytic information, automates your marketing activities and schedules reports. It can very easily integrate with various web applications, CRMs, affiliated portals, and much more. Its user-friendly interface makes working with it a snap.  You can easily find what you want, complete your tasks with a few clicks and get the data that you need in just minutes. The Pro version starts at $69.

2. Marchex – This application offers diverse features through which you can measure the performance of sales calls and internet marketing campaigns. Its unique call analytics feature enables you to find out valuable information on advertising campaigns that cannot be obtained from other analytics platforms. This application has features that will change the way your marketing campaigns perform by giving you details about the most appealing ads, best marketing campaigns and preferred media channels. Data retrieved by it can be used to make real-time decisions on your marketing strategies, which will convert into the sales figures and profits that you desire.

3. Mongoose Metrics – This application enables you to measure which online marketing campaigns are getting you the maximum phone calls from customers so that you can maximize on them and enhance sales figures. It is easy to use and integrates with the AdWords conversion import features to bring a wealth of analytical information into your hands. It gives excellent information on how the actual sales happen, starting from the point of customer browsing on the internet to completed sales transactions. By giving you a complete view of how sales is triggered, you can find out what ads are popular and which campaigns are getting the best results.

4. Dynamic Interactive – This affordable and easy-to-use application enables you to monitor all the calls made by your sales personnel as part of their marketing activities. It has a very user-friendly dashboard through which hundreds of campaigns can be managed. Details of the recorded calls are available in multiple formats, which can be analyzed to find out which advertising and marketing activities are giving the best results. The information offered here can be used to make changes to your marketing strategies so that it brings better returns.  It offers several call distribution facilities such as hunt group calling, follow me calling, multi-ring, and much more.

5. AvidTrak – This is an excellent call tracking application for managing PPC and SEO campaigns. It can be used to track the performance of online marketing campaigns and office advertising activities. This is one comprehensive application that shows you accurate results from various marketing activities to help you find out which ads and marketing strategies work the best so that you can maximize on them and also use their ideas in other marketing activities.

These applications offer in-depth, insightful, and expert assistance in finding out which campaigns work so that you can use their features in all your marketing efforts. This will bring the desired sales figures, business growth and get your company way ahead of the competition.

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