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A picture is worth a thousand words and it is this concept that best describes what Instagram is all about. Instagram is an online photo sharing and video sharing application and social media site that enables you to upload the picture and video of your choice, implement digital filters on them and then share them through popular social media platforms. This application is available for free at Google Play and  iTunes App Store. It can be installed only on Apple and Android Smartphones.


Instagram is pretty popular with some fun brands.

The photo video sharing feature of Instagram has motivated leading brands, medium scale businesses and small enterprises to take up using visual dialogue as a means of connecting with their target audience. It has induced them to make use of imagery in new and creative ways to capture customers and attract them towards their brand.

Getting started with it is easy as all you have to do is sign up at the site, which is free. The site enables you to create a photo, upload it and have people follow it and likewise the same with the images and video uploaded by others. If you like a particular photo, click the ‘like’ button next to it show it. You can also leave your comment on it.

How are popular brands using It?

Instagram’s features have made is so popular that some of the best brands in the industry are now using it to boost their revenue. According to Simply Measure, which is a social media analytics provider, 71 percent of leading global brands are using Instagram to market their products or services. Some of the big names that are making use of this social media site for business promotion include Walt Disney, Star Bucks, Nike etc.

 It’s not just big companies that are making use of it to promote their business but also medium and small scale enterprises. These companies are able to reach out to a larger audience using its features and by doing this they are able to gain more customers. The Instagram fever is so high that brand engagement through this application has shot up 350 percent year after year.

Instagram has added jazz to their photo sharing feature by introducing web profiles and online feeds. This has made photo sharing all the more easier, thus enabling brands to interact in that much more easier way than before. The process of sharing beautiful photos is enhanced with User Generated Content (UGC). When consumers of a brand get interactive and share photos of the brand, it opens up new avenues for the brand. They are able to reach out to a wider audience, get real user feedback, interact engagingly with their customers etc, which gets them attention. This publicizes their brand which in turn attracts customers and rises sales figures.

 What is Nitrogram?

Adding to Instagram’s power to visually connect to its audience is the availability of Nitrogram.  This is an Instagram analytics and engagement platform through which marketers can sharpen their Instagram marketing campaign even further. It enables them to map out their own Instagram community, monitor it and use it to enhance their business. It has an analytics dashboard through which users can keep track of all your Instagram accounts. Its hashtag monitoring feature enables them to follow all the posts on hashtags. They can make use of its unified web interface to interact with fans and followers.


1. It’s easy to use and share images with it on various popular social media platform

2. It offers amazing photos filter through which you can get really creative with the images that you want to load and share


It cannot be used by a person having a Blackberry or a Windows Phone

 This one get top rating of five because of how popular it has become in a short while and how top brands are able to use it so effectively to quickly reach out to a large volume of people.

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Rating: 5

Official website – Nitrogram

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