10 New SEO & Content Marketing Tools Powered by Artificial Intelligence

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

At one point, we’d all joke around and poke fun at anyone who’d throw in AI and Machine Learning into their talks, just to make it sound authoritative. Those days are gone. Look around. AI is everywhere. It’s the future.

Marketers can gain better insights into customer psychology by using big data to understand behavior patterns. And machine learning will help them get there.
– Source, CygnisMedia

Content Marketing, which has been the pillar of growth for growth focused companies in 2016-17, is changing as well. While content marketing exploded, competition got tougher, it’s getting tougher than ever before to produce content that makes a difference. There are more players than ever before in niches and content production has gotten easier than ever before. It is clear now, that only the ones that can produce, useful, high quality, customized content can survive.

Content marketing is changing. Today, there are tools that’ll help us identify, define and measure successful content. AI helps you through the process and scale. Champion what works, and measure it to bits. If there was a lot of guess work earlier – all of that is gone, for good.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Artificial Intelligence based content marketing tools.

1. Acrolinx – Analyze & optimize content for quality & conversions with the help of AI

Acrolinx helps you read, analyze and understand your content with the help of AI. It has a “score card” that analyzes/measures your content and gives a score on different points. It’s a complete audit suite for your content, and has beautiful dashboards that shows insightful analytics about your content quality. It’s build for enterprises, and helps them get their voice, quality and conversions right with better measurement of content (with AI).Artificial Intelligence Content Marketing Tool

2. Automated Insights

Automated Insights is a AI based tool that will help you convert data into meaningful narratives. Again, an enterprise product, Automated Insights can feed any data (like spreadsheets of tabular data, for example) and turn them into beautiful narratives based on templates you provide, that are customized and meaningful for customers. You just have to figure out how your template works and it will take care of the rest. This is a great tool for creating product descriptions, or data based performance narratives etc.

Screen Shot 2017 09 14 at 7.01.30 AM

3. One Spot – Customize marketing channels with AI

One Spot is an AI based content tool that is focused on one thing – personalization. It personalizes your content for customers across different platforms and channels making it a seamless consistent narrative on the front end. Being marketers working with different tools, it is important that they talk to each other and offer a consistent narrative to the end user. One Spot does it for you with the help of Artificial Intelligence. It also helps you identify which content worked by categorizing your data (across channels) and analyzing their performance over data points that matters for conversion.

4. Narrative Science – Create immersive narratives from data with AI

Narrative Science is another AI based natural language generation tool that converts data to beautiful narratives with the help of AI. Like Automated Insights, Narrative Science too converts all kinds of data to beautiful, customer centric, custom narratives at amazing speed and scale, that works in different contexts.

5. Market Brew – Figure out your SEO ranks with AI

Market Brew is an Artificial Intelligence based SEO tool, that helps you figure out why your website was ranked above or below others on search engine results pages and predicts your position well in advance, by modeling how search engines work.

6. CanIRank – SEO with AI Recommendations

We’ve seen amazing SEO software that digs up lot of data for us. Now, what might actually make a difference is how we interpret and use this SEO data. This is where a software like CanIRank comes into picture. It will interpret SEO data to you as actionable tasks/recommendations so that you don’t have to do the guess work. Some of the recommendations are very similar to the one you’d find in SEO software like SEM Rush, but it’s still better.

AI SEO Software

7. Albert – Let AI do all your marketing!

Sounds a little too good to be true but it is what it is. Albert is an artificial intelligence powered marketing software that can pretty much do all your marketing processes, from media buying to testing and channel activations! Albert learns constantly from data inputs and improvises on its own.

AI SEO Software

8. Pave AI – Using AI to make sense out of Google Analytics

Pave AI is an AI based tool that will help you read all that data on Google Analytics in layman’s terms or at least marketing terms. It delivers insights, take aways and insightful data that you can use in your day to day marketing.


Interesting Mentions

While researching on this topic, I discovered these interesting tools, which were either built on AI or powered by AI in certain areas.

9. Matrix SEO for WordPress

Matrix is a WordPress plugin that analyzes your content and makes suggestions to page titles, content areas etc with the help of AI.

AI powered SEO WordPress Plugin

10. Wordlift – WordPress plugin to spruce up SEO

Wordlift is another SEO plugin for WordPress that analyzes your content and identifies organized categories/entities on them to improve relevancy. For example, it finds who, what, when and how entities from an article and finds related articles based on those tags, creating a navigational area/widget categorizing the tags. This, as the creators claim will improve the dwell time (time spend on a website) and improve SEO. If not SEO, it sure can give you hints and clues on finding related content on your page/website.

Did I miss any? Let me know in comments your favorite new AI based SEO tool.

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