Increase Engagement by Adding a Sticky bar at End of Articles!

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

Increasing engagement on your blog is a great way to create more quality audience and thereby increase your chances to get better at search engine relevancy.

There are of course, different ways to make your audience more engaged, such as..

  • Showing more related pages + getting more pages/visit
  • Increasing social media shares on your content
  • Increasing the time spent on a page/website etc..

Now, the problem is that each of this is a metric that requires a strategy in itself. For example, there are many ways to increase shares, and there are different ways to increase more pages/visit.

What if there was a single solution where you could turn on and off buttons that affects all the metrics from one place?

There might be one. This plugin I came across recently is a good one that might just help you increase the engagement ration on your content.

It’s called Swifty Bar and is basically a stick bar that will appear at the end of every article with links to content and some nice looking sharing buttons.

It’s easy to switch on and does everything straight out of the box.

Swifty bar will adds sticky bar at the bottom of post that shows category, post title, author, time needed to read article, share buttons together with share count, and previous/next post links.

What I really like in this plugin is that it could easily replace two or three of your plugins in one go. One, you social sharing buttons, two, your related posts plugin (most of which which really slows down your WordPress site) and perhaps also another plugin that shows the reading time of every article. I also like that the plugin is responsive and has a nice theme on it’s own which doesn’t stick out from the rest of the site.

The plugin is very clean code and does not slow down your site. Of course you’ll be adding a second or more to your page load time if you are not on good WordPress hosts, but that is better than having 3-4 plugins which will add more to your page load time.

This is how the plugin will look like.

How to Add a Sticky bar at End of Articles!

It’s free and you can download it on the WordPress directory.

Download Plugin


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