Get More Social Shares by Showing Share Buttons While Users Are Engaged

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

Displaying social shares is definitely one of the most powerful and obvious ways to increase traffic to your blog. Studies have also found that adding social sharing buttons increase SEO power!

Now, if you look at every other blog out there, social sharing plugins show up at the most obvious places. Either on the top/end of article, or on the sides.

What’s wrong with it? Well, one since every blog has the same layout or display preferences, people are likely to get blind to it and ignore social sharing. Two, it’s the usual way of doing things and makes your blog average out. It doesn’t stand out or stand a chance to be unique.

How do you make it unique then?

Well, check out this plugin – inline social sharing. It’s a WordPress social sharing plugin that works a bit differently.

It adds the social sharing buttons in-between content on an article, when the user is actually reading it. i.e, when the user is most engaged and not when he is likely to ignore the article.

I think it’d be a great growth hacking tool where, you only show social sharing buttons to those who are likely to use it and thereby increase the chances of getting shared.

More social shares = more traffic, more relevancy and better SEO!

The plugin comes with several customization options so you can configure the display box your way.

Try it out and see if it gives you more social shares – that’s the only way to test it out!

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