An Easy Way to Automatically Optimize Images for SEO

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

Image optimization is probably not as hugely significant an SEO factor today, but it still is a hygiene issue. It’s probably not a good idea to ignore images for SEO. But with so many images, it is also a time consuming process to optimize each image being uploaded. Sadly, most of the popular SEO WordPress plugins available today don’t really do a good job of optimizing images and leave it to us.

I came across this WordPress plugin that fixes this issue – SEO Auto Images. It’s a neat plugin that automatically fetches all images on your WordPress plug and cleans it up according to image SEO standards.

Basically, it cleans up all image file names, gets rid of blank spaces, hyphens and other special characters etc if present in the file name. It also automatically adds ALT tags and Title tags to images based on the file name. This is a big help for improving accessibility of your blog.

I wish it had the option to change the file name based on the focus keyword of the article, but then again, that would most likely result in keyword stuffing. So, if you keep the file name neat, rest of the things would fall into place and all your images would be automatically SEO optimized.

Try out the plugin here. I’m sure it’ll be a huge help for those WordPress blogs that has a lot of images uploaded and haven’t been optimized yet.

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