Which is the Fastest WordPress Host in 2018

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

26 WordPress hosting companies. 6+ Hosting tiers. Multiple measuring factors.

Looks like we have an answer to out never ending pursuit to find the fastest WordPress host one can find.

ReviewSignal did their annual WordPress hosting comparison test (probably the most scientific test out there I’ve seen) putting together about 26 dedicated WordPress hosts and throwing them under various stressful hosting conditions, to find the best WordPress host.

The methodology

The goal of this research is testing the performance of specialized WordPress hosting. The two measures to determine performance are peak-performance and consistency. Peak performance is measured using load testing services which emulate large numbers of users visiting a website and watching how well the hosting responds under these stressful conditions. Consistency is measured using uptime monitoring to make sure that the servers remain available for a longer duration of time.

There were several factors tested including,

  • Peak performance (emulate large numbers of users visiting a website)
  • Consistency (uptime monitoring to make sure that the servers remain available for a longer duration of time.)
  • Geographic response times from multiple locations
  • Uptime monitoring (standing two months +)

The study isn’t perfect but gives those who’re looking for a great WordPress host, a pretty clear idea on which host to go with, within their budget. It’s good that they’ve results for different pricing tiers.

A personal favorite of mine – Kinsta came out strong and dominating across all the tiers. Here are the results.

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