Top 10 iOS Mobile Analytics Platforms

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:58 am

When you release a mobile application into various marketplaces you need to know how it’s doing, how people find it, what it users like about it and much more to excel your efforts in improving it. Now tracking such information is easy with the availability of mobile analytics tools. These tools will help you study user behavior and their purchasing preferences. Such details help you find the feature that clicks with buyers and use it to improve your application, gain sales and loyal customers.

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Here is a look at top 10 iOS Mobile Analytics Platforms that give accurate details in your application’s performance:

1. Countly


This great tool enables you to find out details about what users did when they used your application. By monitoring user actions, you can improve your product and get more people to buy it.  The professional version starts at $69.

2. Flurry Analytics

This tool’s is free and work similar to Countly in getting real time information about how people are using your application. It helps to find out how people engage with it, its conversions and much more.

3. Localytics


This tool is more important for those who want to see monetization from their application. It gives complete details on your application’s performance that you can use to enhance its features and get the sales results that you desire. Its premium version is priced at $95 per month.

4. Google Analytics

It is now available for mobiles applications and can be used to find out so many metrics on your app such as performance, user behavior and much more. It’s free to use. It offers many different features that you can use to get exactly the kind of information on your app to improve it to gain higher sales figures.

5. AppClix


This tool offers raw data in different form about your apps performance. It’s a tool that’s targeted more towards techies than ordinary users. It has different pricing plans and the unlimited app license plan for small business owners is priced at $199.00 / mo.

6. App Annie


It offers a variety of information on your app such as downloads, reviews, rankings, sales figure and much more. You can use to monitor important trends related to your application and analyze them. It’s free.

7. Distimo


Probably the most popular app analytics tool out there, with this one you can track your apps daily downloads, get information from all important app stores etc, just through it’s is single dashboard. No need to insert code for use. It’s free.

8. App Figures


This tool lets you track app performance across multiple stores. It even allows multiple users to use it to check the performance of an application. It offers customized interface and provides a single source for mobile apps tracking, download and sales figures. It’s ideal for people who have released a number of applications across various marketplaces. The premium version costs $4.99 per month and an added $1.49 per app.

9. Heap Analytics


It offers a variety of information related to your app usage such as user clicks, taps, page view, etc through which you can determine their behavior and preference This information can  be used to improve your apps and enhance sales. It starts at $25.

10. Bango

It can be used to find out who is downloading your app across various marketplaces, offers you information from more than millions of users through which you can transform your application into one that triggers high sales.

These iOS Mobile Analytics Platforms are easy-to-use and many of them offer a free trial period. You can find all the data and analytical information that you want on user behavior from them in just minutes. The details that you collect can be used to fine tune your application and enhance its sales figures tremendously.

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