Top 10 App Store Optimization Tips from Experts

With so many apps being released every day, you need to have your best marketing strategies to make a difference at the app stores.

According to Forrester Research about 63% of apps are found when people search for them through popular search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc. Hence spending time and money in apps search engine optimization will certainly draw people towards it and make it well-known in the market. Here are top 10 app store optimization tips from experts:


1. Highlight your USPs

Charles Ejoga on Moby Affiliates says that the key to getting instant attention to your application is by implementing unique features that make it genuinely different from other apps in the market. Furthermore it is important to put as much energy into marketing as what went into developing the application.

2. Use relevant keywords where it applies

Sylvain Gauchet writes in the Apptamin blog about the importance of using the right keywords in the title, description and content of the apps as it makes your apps easily accessible to people through search engines. Another vital marketing point that he brings out is using the right screenshots and a good promotional video.

3. Use Social Media to promote apps

Seema Nayak writes about the effectiveness of social media sites in promoting apps. Today sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Google+ are used extensively for product searches. Promoting your apps here will bring instant publicity to it.

4. Guess work v/s Researched Keyword usage

Keywords are vital to helping people find your application on the internet. Gabriel in his app store optimization blog says the keywords used in your app must be well researched ones and must not be guessed. They should be found using appropriate tools such as Search Man, App Store Rankings etc.

5. Use dedicated channels for quick marketing

Simone Ellis, Marketing Coordinator at Localytics gives out various channels through which people can quickly market their apps. Out of the many channels, she says, featuring your apps in an “App of the Day” service like App-o-Day will bring instant notice to it because it is visited by so many people every day.

6. Titles & their importance in app store optimization

Rahul Varshneya, co-owner of Arkenea LLC, a company that assists businesses in marketing their mobile apps, says that the most critical factor to getting your apps discovered is giving it a fantastic title. A stunning and attractive title will quickly let people know what it is about and influences their decision to use it.

7. Promote to the right audience, not everyone

Jesse Waites, author of the e-book The Secrets Of My App Success states that understanding your target audience and finding them right at the product development stage itself helps in effective apps promotion. Meet them through internet forums and meet-up groups so that they are aware of your application. This way when it is released you can find lots of people downloading it.

8. Going un-conventional, goes a long way

Denis Harscoat, developed on action tracking application ‘Did This’ but when it came to marketing his app, he did a lot of his own homework. He wrote comments in Scoble that he wanted to use for app promotion. When he contacted Scoble to promote his app it quickly got the attention he wanted. Its thoughtful marketing strategies like this that can go a long way in popularizing your application.

9. Use specific app store marketing channels

Getting the right platform to promote your application will spread information about it to a lot of people in a short while. According to Christina Disarrays of, using Corona platform by Ansca Mobile is an excellent channel to promote your apps. Corona is a very versatile and it can publish an application in so many marketplaces at the same time such as Amazon, Apple App Store etc. You can get good downloads by using it because Ansca Mobile partners with many review sites such as MadDog Podcast, etc.

10. Do not underestimate the power of email marketing

According to Hedo Cohen, the smartest way to get your application noticed is through email marketing. Reading emails is a major task that people do on their SmartPhones.  A powerful email newsletter will tell people what your app is about and where they can find it.

These marketing strategies work to bring excellent attention to your application so that it is downloaded by a lot of people in a short while. Get you app noticed and draw huge number of customers by promoting it in places where people can easily find it. Using effective marketing strategies helps people locate your app when they need it the most and gets your business great conversions.

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