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What’s up with Google’s new update?

This article was updated on July 16th, 2013 at 06:06 am

So, looks like Google is preparing itself for a brand new update to its search, one of the biggest over so far.

Google Engineer Matt Cutts has already hinted that they are cracking down on low quality websites that re “over-optimized”. Combine that with the new search update and there is enough reason for us to get worried. First, as with any Google update, there will be be a lot of collateral damage. We will only come to know about it only when its live, as the whole process is automated. Worries are, which websites will be hit and which saved.

Chances are that if you have enough reputation, you’ll be okay. The ones who always take the hit are the less popular ones. Will the new search update repeat the same? We got to wait and watch.

Semantic search: Difference between places and things

When you search for “Jaguar”, Google would know if you’re searching for the animal or the car. That’s probably the easiest example. According to Amit Singhal, Google has been silently building up on semantic search for the past two years. It all happened since Google acquired MetaWeb, back in 2010. With the new update, Google will be able to make out the difference between “Jaguar the car” and “Jaguar the animal” on your next search. I guess this has a lot to do with your personal search data and search patterns.It will be interesting to see how Google makes sense of it all.

Google trying to be Siri with intelligent search

Google is also reported to have been adding intelligence to its search lately. Google does intelligent searches at a very basic level now, on examples like “How tall is Michael Jordan”. Looks like this is going to go main stream with a range of searches and strings.


More space and more Ads

Well, when it comes to advertising, Google goes to silent mode and the questions never stop. Recently, a Google engineer had commented that they are cracking down on websites that are Ad-Cluttered, because they consider too much ads and less content as low quality. Funny thing is you find the same ad clutter on Google’s search page.

So, even this time around, Google might find more space to plug in those ads on their search pages. Hopefully, there won’t be too many of them.

The new update should be coming in soon anytime from now.

All we can do is wait and embrace it as soon as it comes. As always, there shall be collateral damage, and I hope it will be minimal this time.

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