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Speed Up Your Video Marketing Campaigns with These Magical Tips


“Content” has become the crucial aspect of every Digital Marketing strategy, companies are investing huge amount in content creation nowadays. However according to statistics, people will only be able to recall 10% of your content until and unless it’s a masterpiece with the momentous images, intuitive headings and serving the great purpose.

No company, whether it’s B2B or B2C would want that!! Will you???

No company can invest the resource, time and money to every piece of content they produce! Will you????

Then, what is the ultimate and reliable solution? What is the thing that can give you high ROI??

Well, the instant and reliable solution of this catastrophic is “Creating Videos”.

Let’s dig some interesting stats about the importance of “Videos”:

  1. Blog that contain videos attracts 3X inbound links as blog without video. ( via MOZ)
  2. 80% of users who watched a video ad, 46% took some action after viewing the ad. (via Video Brewery)
  3. 75 % of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2016. (Via Cisco)
  4.  Above 800 million unique users, hit YouTube every month. (via YouTube)
  5. Quality Video attracts 3X more monthly visitors, decrease the bound rate 2X times and has a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines. (via MarketingSherpa)

For more interesting stats, see this post:

18 Intriguing Stats: Why You Should Implement Video Marketing

Now the question arise, if Videos hold that much potential then how to create a perfect strategy that resonates with the rhyme of success!!

Here is the short guide that will inclined up your video marketing campaigns to the whole new heights!!

Step by Step Guide for effective Video Marketing Campaigns


Here goes…

Optimize, Optimize & Optimize:

Optimize Your Titles & Descriptions to the relevant keywords. Do not bombard your content with the keywords but use them at right places.

Publishing Videos:

Publish your videos to all the popular video sites. Here are top five famous video sites with the average per month visits:

  1. Youtube (1,000,000,000)
  2. Netflix (150,000,000)
  3. Vimeo (130,000,000)
  4. Yahoo Screen (125,000,000)
  5. DailyMotion (100,000,000)

Get Your Customers in:

Customers are the real asset and the true business owners don’t forget their customers.

Personally invite them via call or email and request them to take a look at your video and ask their feedback. Majority will share your videos to their audience from official social media channels.

Don’t forget the power of Outreaching:

Find out all the prospects that have influence in your industry and start interacting with them on social media. If the email details are available, drop them a personalized email with the link of your Video. Strictly refrain yourself by using the copied email template.

For finding out the influencers and bloggers of your niche, use the below tools:


Videos does need Content:

You can’t get out from the gravitational force of content even in Video marketing. Always transcribe your videos for the search engines as well as for your audience who have low listening skills or not have the native language.

The best tool for this purpose that Rand Fishkin in his famous Whiteboard Friday series use is:

Paid Options:

Nobody can deny the powers of Paid advertisement in online marketing. If you want instant results, paid marketing is always the option that you should consider. Paid options like YouTube Advertisment and Adwords Video marketing holds great potential.

For more insightful stats, please go through the last year MozCon’s presentation by great video marketing expert Phil Nottingham,

Building a winning video marketing strategy

Some Random Tips:

  1. Continue to feed your YouTube/Vimeo channel with relevant videos, so your channel builds a strong reputation and views over time.
  2. Always perform a keyword research by digging YouTube keyword tool and select the most suitable categories.
  3. Create a Custom Thumbnail for your video.
  4. Use the best frame size for your video to maintain the high quality (preferably 1920×1080 pixels.)
  5. Include at least one call-to-action. ( a link to a website page)
  6. Make it publicly accessible.
  7. Add the video in the relevant playlists.
  8. Include annotations.
  9. Engage with your viewers in the comments section.

Did I miss something up there? Let’s talk in comments section!!

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