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New Age User Experience Research w/ Remote usability testing & Emotion tracking

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

Before releasing a product into the market or loading your application into an app store, you need to test it. Testing is an extensive process because you have to get the right people to do the tests. It will certainly take time and also involves a considerable amount of expense. That is why you need to get a tool like YouEye. Give your usability testing a whole new approach by taking up YouEye. This online user research platform enables you to do remote usability testing very fast.

What Can YouEye Do?

YouEye enables you to carry out tests quickly and easily. It will take you just a couple of minutes to set up any test and identify people who should participate in it. The results of the tests are available in just 48 hours. This tool gives you different types of test results such as written survey responses, emotion data, and webcam recording, which enables you to find out what people really feel about your brand’s offerings. This information helps you find out what needs to be done to enhance your product’s features and make them more attractive to customers. The details given in the results are insightful and analytical, enabling you to zero-in on what needs to be done to make your website, products, or service more likeable to customers.


Use YouEye To Speed Up Usability Testing And Get Results

The cost of this software is low, which is a big benefit. Usability testing is certainly expensive, but this tool cuts down on such costs drastically, enabling you to save. Its research-backed data gives you all the analysis that you need to find out the answers that you want and make an informed decision about your product or service feature enhancements. With this tool you can carry out research very fast, which means you can find out what is required without wasting time.

Speed is the main quality of this tool. Its results help you to innovate on product or service features two times faster. This helps cut down on time spent in doing improvements and fastens delivery time. It offers an analysis of your competitor’s products and also gives in-depth analysis of consumer preferences. With this information, you can make the best decisions on how to improve product or service features so that people select your brand over others in the market.


1. It is very easy to set up tests with it and the results are given fast.

2. It lets you find crowdsourced testers or people from specific demographics to do testing for you.

3. It answers even the most complex questions on testing, enabling you to find out exactly what you need to enhance your product or service features.


It is not able to offer test results in 24 hours which can cut down costs further.

I give this tool a 4.5 rating because it can really cut down on the cost and time taken in doing usability tests. Every company needs to do such testing to find out how people really feel about their products or services so that they can improve on them. The results provided by this tool are very insightful, making you find out exactly what people like or dislike about your offer. This kind of information enables you to make improvements to your products or services and deliver ones with attractive features and the qualities that people would want the most.

YouEye Analytics Platform – Review

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Rating- 5

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