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Automatically Monitor Competition Backlinks Easily w/ Alerts & Reports

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

Link building is going through an identity crisis right now, but one thing that successful SEOs monitor constantly is competition link profile – even if they are not keen on profiling their own. If you see a lot of activity around your competition, it probably is worth your time to jump in and see what’s going on. May be, you need to act upon as well. Well, this tool does just that without all the hassles of having to do it manually. Automatically monitor your competition’s backlinks with Monitor Backlinks.

What Does Monitor backlinks Do?

Monitor backlinks enables you to find out what backlinks are established to your site, connect with Google Analytics to get new links every day and know the value of your links. It assists you in link management and makes the entire task easy by being a single source of link data storage. It will send you regular updates on new links, any broken links and competitor statistics. It will also give you tips on how you can build an exciting backlink profile.


Use Monitor backlinks To Get Complete Control Of Your Link Building Activities

Your site is being browsed across the internet by so many people every day. If anyone was to setup a link what is the means of knowing this?  Likewise if someone were to remove a link how can you be notified about this? Monitor backlink helps you find out such information quickly and easily. It gives detailed statistics on links established, quality of links and links removed, thus putting enormous amount of information in your hands on how your link building is going on.

The best part about using this tool is that all the information is sent to your email id, which enables you to view details as and when required.  This is really convenient because you don’t have to go to a separate account to do this. You can enter your email box, read the details given in the mails and take decisions on your link building strategies. If you are seeking any new ideas on how to establish high value links, check out the link building tips given by Monitor Backlinks. You will find Monitor Backlinks to be an excellent source of information on getting good backlinks from internet pages that are highly ranked.

Monitor Backlinks is a one-stop shop for your link management activities. Instead of using different applications for each link management task, you can do it all now through this simple and easy to use application.  If you want to know how the application feels like, you can make use of a free, thirty day trial before starting.


1. It gives excellent data on new links so you know when your site is liked by someone and they establish a link to it

2. It keeps you on your toes about the competition

3. It tells you when someone removes your back link


None that I can think of

I give this application a 5 rating because of how easily it puts together various link management activities. Without effective SEO, your site will not have desired visibility to reach out to a wider audience. Using this tool, you can make the most effective SEO decisions on link building, thus gaining good audience for your brand through which it can garner desired sale results.

Monitor backlink Analytics Tool

Price Tag: $19.90/month

Rating – 5


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