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9 Handy Tools to Check Content Plagiarism

This article was updated on September 20th, 2013 at 07:55 pm

Tremendous content competition and huge revenue opportunities in the online content marketing has given rise to plagiarism. Getting inspired by something is acceptable but copying it phrase by phrase without giving it a new dimension and not introducing more ideas into it is pathetic.

People plagiarize intentionally due to lack of ideas and paraphrasing skills. There are other people who sometimes come out with plagiarized work unintentionally due to the same old ideas and writing techniques. Whatever be the reasons but any copied or duplicated write-ups are not done. Hence, it becomes important to use plagiarism checking tools to make sure that the work is original.

Here is list of nine such tools.

1. Turnitin


A tool originally developed by graduate students- A prototype was developed by a peer review application which was originally build by four Berkeley graduate students. This was enhanced and developed to a large scale plagiarism detector which processed over 80 million papers in 2012. The tool checks the submitted written work against 24+ Billion web pages and also 300+ Million student papers.

2. Viper

A free tool and an alternative to Turnitin- A Microsoft windows only application, Viper describes itself as “Free Alternative to Turnitin”. It scans a range of online sources along with a huge database of academic papers and allows side-by-side comparison of the results.

3. Ithenticate


A scholarly plagiarism detection and prevention tool- A better used tool to check academic and scholarly papers of research work. It helps editors, authors and researchers worldwide to stay away from plagiarism conspiracies by providing authenticity by comparing vast database of over 37 billion web pages and 129 million other content types.

4. Plag Tracker


Useful for education as well as site owners- The API of Plag Tracker makes it possible for webmasters to check the originality of their site’s content even before they publish it. Offline text can be checked for duplication as well. You simply need to download their client side API script and run on it on your server side to detect plagiarism.

5. Copyscape

Especially designed for website content testing- Another free plagiarism checking tool that allows you to detect any theft of your content online by comparing web-pages. It will help you detect any duplicate content of your website. You can also check for originality of your content by checking your new content.

6. Writecheck

A plagiarism detector and grammar checking tool-  It’s as easy as one-two-three where you need to upload the copy of writer-up you want to check for plagiarism and then compare the content. Then you review your content with their easy to read results which also proofread and shows grammatical errors if any.

7. Paper Rater

A multipurpose plagiarism tool- This tool is a great way to check for content duplication of your writeups along with proofreading for grammatical mistakes. This tool also helps you improve your writing by suggesting replacements.

8. Plag Spotter

Detect for plagiarism and also monitor regularly- You can detect online content duplication of your website with this plagiarism checking tool. You can also keep a track of any future content theft by continuously monitoring your website on daily or weekly or monthly basis.

9. Doc Detective

A Google documents plagiarism checker- It has been integrated with Google docs and Google Apps for finding the originality of content. What makes it more powerful is its searching capability since it uses Google search along with its own search technology to compare submitted documents.

The death of print media and the abuse of digital media has led to the increase in plagiarism. The popularity of internet has reached new heights in this decade but has also led to the content duplication because of easy visibility and copy paste techniques. However, there are those people on the internet who just don’t bother to give a damn about what they have been doing. This makes it important to find duplicate content online using plagiarism checking tools.

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