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10 Clever Ideas to get more retweets on Twitter


Getting more exposure on Twitter can be possible by getting more retweets which will bring more fans and followers. But getting your Tweets to be Retweeted by your followers can be easier said than done! Is that what you think? If so, then think again. With these clever ideas you are just not going to miss it.

1. Tweet at the right time

It is said that 48% of the tweeters are based in EST and 6% of retweets are done around 5PM EST. If this is not enough, then there are more stats which says, Wednesday 5PM EST is the best time to get more retweets. If you don’t believe this then just look at these metrics. Even better you can use Tweriod to time your tweets.

2. Quotes matter, Fin the ones right for your audience

People want inspiration, advice, back taps, and much more. So go ahead and give them a dose of good quotes that you can think off or by famous personalities and make their day. You not only get retweets for quotes but also you can immediately tweet about your brand after the quote to get retweets for that as well. 

3. Tweets with links

Tweets with links are more often retweeted as compared to the ones which do not have links to the source. So don’t just tweet but include the links about what you are tweeting.

4. Bonding with fellow tweeples

Find the ones who tweet about stuff related to your field and who have thousands of followers. Mention them, reply to their tweets and engage them. Direct message them or retweet their tweets and build relationship. If you can get them to retweet your tweets then the like minded followers might retweet your tweets and chances are that you also get more followers.

5. Find Retweetable words

Make use of the tool called find the most ReTweetable words and find the words related to your topic. Once you get the 20 most ReTweetable words include them in your tweet and increase the chance of getting your tweet retweeted.

6. Conduct a contest

People are always willing to retweet to stand a chance to win prize. The nicer the prize the better the chance of getting retweets.

7. Make use of Pictures

Earlier you needed some third party applications like Twitpic to include a picture in your tweet but now you are lucky enough to have it as part of the twitter’s tweet window. You can directly browse from your system and include an image to tweet. Make the most of it since the chances of images being retweeted are more as compared to plain text.

8. People follow hashtags, Utilize it

The trending section on Twitter gives you list of hashtags that are being used at a given time. Explore and choose the ones that fits perfect for your audience and their interests. This will increase the visibility of your tweets even for people other than your followers. The probability of getting retweets increases drastically as being part of trending topic communicator.

9. Break the news

News that is fresh and live brings in a lot of interest and hence gets retweeted easily. Make it a part of your strategy to tweet about breaking news.

10. Don’t just place Tweet buttons on your site, buffer them

As discussed in #1 tip, timing the tweets matter. You cannot instigate people to tweet your content at your desired time but what you can do is buffer your tweets and control when they actually go out. The advantage of this is when someone tweets it goes out at your preferred time rather than going out instantly.

Just a few easy measures to take and you cannot stop people from retweeting your Tweets. The thing is, social media and Twitter in particular is the science of engagement and not the art. Right strategies combined with great tools can get you more retweets than you can imagine.

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