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4 Rising Trends in Social Media Marketing To Watch Out For

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am


Online businesses are changing rapidly all across the globe. More and more numbers of people are using internet while looking for information. Businesses are using all kinds of marketing and advertising strategies to promote their services or products online. Online marketers use various kinds of tools for business promotions. The main target is to reach out to maximum people within a short time frame.

Digital marketing is the new thing around and has provided extremely positive results in business. A recent survey based on a 6-month data collected from 100 digital marketing companies suggests that 100,000+ more businesses in UK would completely go digital by the end of year 2015. Confirming the fact, here are some of the latest digital marketing trends affecting the massive change:

Social media marketing gets to a new level

Many people have a notion that social media is restricted to Twitter and Facebook. But there is more to social media that can be explored and used in business development.

Social media sites like LinkedIn, YouTube, Quora, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest etc. are some of the most popular social media websites that are being explored by common people as well as digital marketers. 90-93% of online marketers have opened that with active marketing on these sites, they have enabled to bring in about 30% more traffic to the business website. The numbers are bound to surge in the coming years.

Video marketing on the rise

Gone are the days when marketing was done via written texts and images. It is the age of multi-dimensional marketing and there is no better way to reach out to the masses than using appropriate videos for the same.

Audio-visual mediums are always more powerful than only audio or visual mediums. Videos can be integrated to many platforms and thus they can become viral within a short span of time. Messages can be conveyed in a more powerful way via effective videos and in 2014 this area will be explored well.

Location-based geographical marketing

Suppose you are looking for some kind of service in your area specifically. Your search on the internet will be location-based. This is a great point on which the online marketers are working. Getting location-base results is highly convenient for the users. 2014 is surely going to see this marketing strategy being used widely.

The GPS technology is being used for finding the exact location. By downloading apps for sites like Foursquare, Path, etc., on the smart phone, it is possible to know the exact location of a person.

Mobile engagement should be focused on

When compared with previous years, numbers of people using smart phones have increased manifold times all over the globe. People are looking for information via the mobiles and therefore most of the sites have their mobile versions.

Along with this, various kinds of mobile applications are also being developed to reach out to more customers. Marketers are concentrating on mobile ads to get more leads for their business. Along with smart phones, use of tablets is also rising considerably. There has been a growth of almost 30% in smart phone users.

Digital marketing is evolving rapidly and the trends are changing fast. It is very important for the digital marketers to keep in pace with the changes to give the best results to the businesses.

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