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9 Effective ways to provide value & be interesting to your readers

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:58 am

How to be Interesting

Knowledge is power. You write because you know about what you are writing. People trust you because you are knowledgeable in your niche. But why they should hang out with you against your competitors is something to do with the way you execute your knowledge; how you treat them and how you drive them through the journey from starting to the point where they leave you?

Let me cover you with everything that you got to know. Here they are:

1. Rendering solutions to problems

Identifying the problems that people may face in your niche and coming up with solutions takes you a long way. Provide tips and tools that help debug the problems from the root. Offer insights and statistics to pose the problem as a big deal and let them know how helpful your content actually was. How-to’s and tutorials can be the real trouble shooters.

2. Going beyond your blog

Grow beyond your blog and create content that is original on other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Solve problems by answering questions in sites like Quora. Build credibility and relation with your readers. Let them value you for your extra efforts and the value that you bring to them. Its always mutual, thinking of new horizons will add to what you have been already doing.

3. Give your readers enough reasons to follow you

Maybe you are the master of your niche but do not forget that there are others in your niche who are as good as you or even better than what you are. Never stop learning from others and never ever hold yourself back from referring to others resources in your niche. Let your readers see you more than just a blogger, be a teacher and a guide. Give them enough links, sites and blogs related to what you are talking about.

4. The addition never stops

You have already added too much of value in the form of great content on your blog and social media but the buck doesn’t stop there. Use your email subscription not just for affiliate marketing and advertising your products. Use it wisely and it could be the next big thing. As an example – Ramit Sethi, a New York Times best selling author and co-founder of, once wrote an email of 4,000+ words to his subscribers.

Learn to value your readers without selling- Establish rapport and earn your readers’ trust. Stop pleading them to buy something just because you have stuff to sell. Nope, this is not going to work and in-fact you are just going to perish with your business. Add value and care for your readers so much so that they must search for your products to buy and they must turn into your customers without any advertisement.

5. Stop talking and learn to listen

Any business or marketing is not about you, your products or your services; it’s about your customers, their problems and their needs. Listen to what people want from you only then you can be their teacher. Tell them what they want and solve their real problems not what you think they are facing.

6. You are not intelligent, your readers are

Today people are savvy and are well informed. They would have already done their homework and even if not, they have other resources in the form of your competitors. If you think you can bluff your readers by poor content or try to lure them with the intention of selling then you are sure to be out.

7. Let your readers know you a little

Keep your readers always closer to you. Share your information with them in the form of ‘About Me’ page, let them connect with you by a contact page and also give them a chance to follow you by adding appropriate buttons and links to your social profiles.

8. Stick to your voice and make it your trademark

You are, what you are. Don’t bother to blog in somebody else’s style just because they are doing great. Follow your voice and earn your bench mark. If you get struck with more voices trying to copy, you will surely lose everything and suffer from a virtual split personality!

9. Watch your blog timely

Always monitor for broken links, your theme design problems, your advertisement placing, easy navigation on your blog, duplicate content, link farming and anything that might turn your readers off.

Every blogger and a website owner craves to make more money. More money comes in with more traffic and the traffic that you generate for your blog is directly proportional to engagement. Bring value to your content and create interest by standing out from your niche competitors.

Simple rule of thumb is- Blog for revenue and lose your business; blog to serve people and the revenue will follow you.

Photo Credits – Cezar Tabac

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