10 Awesome Examples Of Brands Using Vine to Champion Social Media

Building brand awareness in a short video of six seconds is no less than a challenge. Brands need to be smart enough to convey their message in just a few clips which also needs to keep up the interest of their audience. More is risky and less is lazy. But I have found some interesting vine videos that hit the mark.


1. Animate and create – Amazing Flickbook Animations.

The efficiency of their creativity and their potential of combining it with vine’s stop-motion feature is the outcome of this awesome video. The classic stickman and the flipbook comes to life with splendid beauty.

2. Doritos – A perfect example of good vine video with excellent audio.

If visual sense sells so does the sense of sound and what better example than this vine which has made optimum usage of the fact that Twitter’s vine is also about audio as much as it is about video.

3. Oreo’s Vine – Shows how to promote a product with cool animations.

Who doesn’t love Oreo cookies? Not just the kids and teens, their parents and grandparents also feel elated on indulging in the goodness of these cookies. Oreo brands itself as a creative genius not just by showing you a new recipe (!) but also by creating a vine that had to go viral.

4. Dicks Sporting Goods  – How thinking out of the box always helps.

A sporting company and not showing anything about their brand or product on their social vine! That’s how they smash their loyal followers with amusement. It’s not always necessary to talk about yourself it could even be something about the interests of your audience. Sporting company taking their audience inside the stadium to celebrate Raven’s Super Bowl appearance is a extremely cool thing to do.

5. HubSpot – Using a personal touch, friendly voice to promote.

Considering the fact that people always long to peep into the personal life of rich and famous, HubSpot gives their followers a peep into their office and their work life with this effective Vine video.

6. ASOS – Promoting exclusive incentives.

When it comes to shopping, ladies are always delighted. To make it even more fun and spice it up with oodles of glamour, ASOS hit the chords with this ‘stand a chance to win more to unbox’ kind of vine video.

7. Gogo’s strategy – Using Vine videos for promoting giveaways.

With their impressive concept of giving an insight into what their customers could win through the brand’s giveaway, Gogo, an in-air internet service provider stole the attention in this six seconds video.

8. Angry Birds – Using the curiosity factor.

The launch of the angry bird from a classic catapult and its journey to the iconic building of St Petersburg Cathedral in Moscow tells the story. The company is due to make an important announcement in Moscow and this video binds the curiosity about the news while attracting the viewers attention too.

9. Samsung – Shows the awesomeness of virtual world.

The video is just too good to resist. The message is simple, the concept is clever and the execution is even better. What more, they just sang the song of ‘feels so real that you wanna a have it”!

10. Pepsi – Using emotions to communicate a message.

Showing off the brand in a corner and emphasizing on the goal to be met is what is done on this vine. A heart that slips out of the crate of Pepsi cans beating to the tune of Valentine’s day is just the art of creativity.

The fact that people today and the ones who live on web in particular have no time or very less attention span is something that brands need to be mindful of. Web audience are ready to spare their six seconds of valuable time, but are you ready as a brand to effectively convey your message in as short as six seconds with the help of a gif style video?

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