10 Must Have SEO Chrome Extensions For Every Aspiring SEO

Most of the business owners and webmasters who live life online, even 24 hrs look short. Time is money and money comes from productivity. Chrome is one of the favorite browsers and one of its highlights being the Chrome Web Store from where you can download apps and extensions. To make the life of SEO specialist even more easier and productive, here is the list of 10 chrome extensions for easy job:

1. SEO Mozbar


For accessing all the metrics associated with the pages- You can access all the metrics of every page you visit while surfing the web. It allows you to check Domain authority, Page authority, analyze links (do/no-follow, internal/external links) and more. Keyword research, custom search based on country, region or city and page audit are all possible by installing this wonderful extension.

2. SEO SERP Workbench


More than just an extension, it is an App- Highly useful to check and compare the positions of multiple sites for given keyword. The positions of your site and/or competitor’s site can be visualized in a graph format or simply in the form of a list.

3. SEO Quake


Useful for SERP which also shows various SEO parameters- This toolbar is helpful in analyzing various SEO parameters like Alexa rank, Google Page rank, Page source, Yahoo links, and much much more. It can also highlight nofollow links and text density. In order to avoid any search complexities, it is a good idea to on it when required only.

4. SEO Extension



Gives SEM metrics along with SEO- This extension gives information about the website’s SEO, SEM and also social media metrics. Website history, website traffic, domain data, along with other SEO metrics can also  be analyzed.

5. Site Trail


For all the insights about particular website- When you want to get all the details about one particular website or an URL this chrome extension comes in handy. You can get information such as number of indexed pages, backlinks, list of crawled pages, social media stats, etc. You can also get complete data such as WHOIS, Server and DNS information as well.

6. Page Speed Insights (by Google)

For analysing your web pages performance- This extension  helps in determining the speed of your web pages and also make suggestions on how to improve its performance. This is helpful in improving your page load time since its one of the criterias for search engines to rank the pages higher.

7. SEO Site tools



An inclusion of 6 main SEO sections- It includes External Page data, Page elements, Social Media, Server or Domain Information, Suggestions and Page terms. You can get insights about any web page, SEO metrics include external metrics, On-page SEO, Social Media info, SERP for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, Pagerank, Alexa, and  a lot more.

8. Firebug Lite

For all live code editing- This extension when used in conjunction with Firebug and Chrome Developer tools can help you edit CSS and HTML code though this tool is not for beginners.

9. Majestic SEO backlink analyzer

For backlink information of any page- This is a backlink checker which enables you to gauge the strength of any page based on its backlinks information. Their citation flow and Trust flow score can be seen directly in URL bar.

10. Check My Links

A boon for broken link checking- It’s highly recommended that you check your website for any broken links regularly at given intervals. This extension is boon in the true sense. With just a click of a button, it will highlight all the broken links on the page along with the type of errors that are involved.

When webmasters and SEO agencies are finding short of time for improving their SEO strategies and tactics, how will one spare time checking for metrics manually. These extensions not only save time but also spare you any human errors that can occur if done manually.

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