12 Awesome SEO Training Courses Available Online

SEO Courses Online

A successful website or an online business can do wonderfully well only if it is able to get organic traffic or great number of leads from search engines. To acquire traffic and prospects from any search engine you need to show up on the first page of search results for your target keyword. To rank high and to be seen on the first page you need to optimize your site for search engines. Though Search Engine Optimization isn’t rocket science, a good online course can take you long. And its important that you learn from the right people, because there’s a lot of claims floating around, and in SEO its all about being white-hat and practicing it along the guidelines, all the way.

Here is a list of online SEO training courses, both free and paid. Pick the ones that you think suits you the best.

1. SEO Training course by SEOMoz

Comparatively a basic SEO course by Rand Fishkin, but absolutely perfect for the beginners. A short course of 5 awesome videos to kick start your SEO learning journey- all for free. Plus, there’s a lot of videos and blog posts at their blog that dives into the in-depths of SEO.

2. SEO online course by JM Internet Group

They are a professional group of SEOs and offer SEO services and consulting for clients across the globe. This basic course in SEO is designed to be covered in 7 classes and costs you $295.

3. SEO Crash Course by Hubspot

A collaborative course of Hubspot and, is a three video series course meant to be covered in three weeks. Once you enroll for the course you get one video a week mailed to you. A free course, rich and happening!

4. Learn SEO the distilled way

You choose your time to learn and your pace to learn it. There are modules in the training and the information is packed in over 80 hours of video content. You need to sign up and enroll for online SEO university by paying $40/month which you can discontinue any point of time, if required. But looking at the quality of it, you wouldn’t.

5. Search engine optimization training and certification

A completely web based training stretched over a period of six weeks. Added to the advantage, you will have access to faculty interaction. You can choose to go for a $299/month at your own pace or coached course for $3500.

6. SEO training course by SEOBook

You just need to subscribe to the course and get free access to the course. It is an intensive course with written content structured in different modules and aims to cover every aspect of SEO. Probably one of the most popular SEO courses ever!

7. Click Minded SEO training course

A series of 64 lectures in the form of videos aimed to impart the knowledge of how, why and what of SEO. It also comprises of intermediate action plan and comes with a 30 day money back policy. The course is charged at $287.

8. SEO course by Bruce Clay

Based on ingenious framework for Search Engine Optimization, the course is short written content well structured in 9 easy steps. Open for all free of cost, you will get what you need to begin.

9. SEO Course by Sierrae Echo Oscar

A free online course that can be completed in four essential parts just by signing up. As claimed, you will get the 4th part as bonus comprising of “Advanced techniques”.

10. SEO for Beginners

Another wonderful course by Hobo-Web, designed perfectly for beginners, will get you covered for everything that you need to know about basic SEO and a little more.

11. Link Building course

Meant for beginners, intermediates as well as experts looking for newer ideas to take their site to the next level, this course has it for all. Priced at $67, you have a money back guarantee.

12. Link Building In Depth

This course comes with a price tag of $399 which also gives access to Wordtracker’s link building tool for one year. The goodies linked to this wonderful training includes videos with PDF, 3 Live Webinars and Q&A sessions.

Learning SEO and implying them on your site is a continues process. Some of the SEO features change over time and some of them become totally outdated. Hence, it is important to learn and keep yourself updated. What you can effectively do is rinse and repeat your SEO learning process.

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