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10 Incredibly Useful Project Management Tools for Bloggers & Content Marketing Folks

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:58 am

Managing small teams without the right tools can be a nightmare. Outsourcing content requirements for various blogs or hiring in-house content creators can be easy but managing the progress, communicating with the team and tracking the publication can be easier said than done.  As a freelancer or a webmaster, managing team and excelling in content development field is more about working smart with great tools and softwares rather than working hard and wasting time.

The list of 10 project management tools and softwares for Bloggers and Content Creators can come handy-

1. Compendium


Originally a content marketing tool which aims at calming the content marketing chaos is also an efficient project management tool. Put all your content in an intuitive calendar based tool and make your front end editorial process easier. Key features include easy-to-use audience personas, gathering feedback, view content by- day, week, month or year; schedule and assign drafts, editing, messaging etc. Produce content, collaborate, publish, promote and prove all in one. Price- A little on the higher side starting from $500 per month

2. Kapost


Collaborate to scale ideas for content with your team members, customize and define tasks based on the nature of content and email automation to keep collaborators notified. Kapost basically being a content marketing software, you can not only manage your content creation projects but also effectively market it. Price- $95 to $250 per user per month

3. Content Forest

Whether you are an individual working on multiple projects or a group working with your team on content creation, content forest has it all covered for you. Collect content ideas on ideaboard from your team and track your editorial calendar. Cloud based management makes it even more easier for you and your team to communicate. Price- Starting from $2/day for individual to $100/day for companies and enterprises.

4. Basecamp


Starve your mouse movements with basecamp! Get your entire project details on one page, from discussions, decisions, from media and images to ideas and concepts in draft. You can see all your projects and associated team members in one place. Track your people list of contractors, vendors and your clients in one place. Price- $20 to $150 per month

5. Write Aid

Manage your articles and your writers with ease. Track your writers progress by seeing the number of articles produced by individual and their word count for a given day. Assign articles to writers or let them claim their choice, get them approved and publish. The system can even cross check every article submitted for your desired word count, keywords and automatically creates HTML links. It is also integrated with copyscape to further enhance your control. Price- $17 to $69 per month

6. WorkFlowy

It is more of a to-do list and organizer but with its ‘share and collaborate’ feature you can share your sub-lists with your teammates and make it an effective project management tool. This is great in terms of organizing lists and works like how humans actually think. Price- Free and can be upgraded for $4.99 per month

7. FreedCamp


With the feature of wall you can directly communicate with your group member/members in the form of comments. Gather all your project information from your dashboard. Three categories mainly group, project and user for more control. Not specifically designed for content creators but its features are worth giving a try. You can start your project management for free and upgrade for extra space as required later.

8. Gather Content


Plan and organize your content with easy drag and drop feature. Getting your content structure ready for communication with teammates becomes easy by sorting out guidelines. Get all the content from your clients, team and contributors. Get approval and export content to CMS. Price- $49 and $79 per month

9. Divvyhq


Create as many shared calendars required to keep your writing team up on one page view. View all your tasks on one dashboard so you plan and also keep track of your team activities. With easy workflow management you can assign, produce any type of content, approve and get your content published. Price- $60 to $200 per month depending on the plan you choose.

10. Google Drive

Sometimes the simpler and the familiar- the better. You can easily create, process, share and manage all in one place. Create content on documents and spreadsheets, create visuals and images, and much more. Collaborate with team, live chat and discussions, comments and revisions, everything is possible. Price- It’s free upto 15 GB or pay $4.99 per month for 100 GB storage.

Special Mention


BrightPod is a project management tool that keeps track of people, projects and processes from a central location. Its more visual with what they call “pods” and takes away the efforts of planning, scheduling, approvals and collaboration between different levels of teams, in the editorial process. With automated workflows and team collaboration capabilities, Brightpod lets you manage tasks and teams graciously in a simple to understand but effective workspace. With an in-built editorial calendar, scheduling, third party integration, easy delegation with tasks, Brightpod looks promising, specifically for small and medium teams collaborating on editorial or social media projects.



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