How to monitor links to your website like a pro

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:58 am

If you are a webmaster struggling to keep up with links or daunting to monitor the changes, then here is the solution. With Linkody in place, you need not worry about managing your excel sheets with data of inbound links to your domain.

Why do you need to monitor backlinks?

Ever seen those ugly 404 error returned on some URLs and those links magically disappearing which you once thought were permanent inbound links. Intentionally or unintentionally unmonitored links could be problem than reward speaking in-terms of SEO. Backlinks can be removed purposely or can go for a toss unintentionally when the page content is changed. All this can happen without you noticing it.

On the other hand if you monitor and get alerts about such changes and disappearance you can react and take quick measures saving yourself from being penalized (from Google!). Those of you who track and monitor backlinks with spreadsheets or desktop applications can very well understand the shortcomings.

Need for a web based tool to track and monitor inbound links arises.


Linkody is  a cloud based link management solution that maximizes your link building efforts. Track your backlinks 24/7 automatically for any changes or removal of your SEO links. Quick reporting with email alerts in 24 hours which enables instant reaction to the changes thereby controlling any adverse effects as a result.

Sign up and sign-in to add your website and start your journey to automate your link monitoring task. You are presented with a list of backlinks to your website from which you can select your priority links and being tracking them 24X7. Complete your settings for intervals at which you want to receive alerts and emails. Choose your priority to trigger alerts and associate the required attributes. You are now all set, start managing backlinks like a pro.


Suitable for Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Public Administrations and Small Business, Linkody has some key features that makes it a great fit for SEOs.

– Get information on SEO metrics and link analysis

– SEO insights of the target page and anchor text analytics

– Email report with backlink status summary

– Notification about new backlinks

– Insights about your link distribution such as Text/image based, Follow/No-Follow, Anchor text, keywords, etc

– Analytics of the source page such as MozRank, Alexa Rank, IP Address, etc

– Prospect link inclusion alert i.e. link from the site you are expecting


– Get detailed report on every single change to your links

– It performs re-checking daily

– Get report even on initial placement of links


There are other tools out in the market like Raven and Jetrank which have the features similar to Linkody in addition to complete SEO services. Linkody on the other hand can only be used to monitor backlinks and other inbound links related aspects.

Linkody does best at what it promises to do. But I give it a 4 star rating only because of the fact that it can be used to gauge the backlink aspect only while there are choices for me to get packaged SEO analytics tools which also have similar features in them. Otherwise, a good tool which gives value for money and trust worthy.

Website- Linkody

Price tag- $5 for Webmasters to $59 for Agencies as well as Freemium account

Rating- 4

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