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12 Amazing Blogger Outreach Software

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:58 am


Gone are the days when the world of marketing was ruled by advertisements. This is the era of marketing through influencers online who have thousands or sometimes millions of followers. I am talking about none other than bloggers and their potential blogs which could be your next big marketing platform. Influential bloggers have great traffic in terms of readership and also have huge social media followers and fans.

How can you take your step towards marketing through Web influencers like bloggers?

The answer is through Blogger Outreach.

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Blogger outreach as the name itself suggests is nothing but your ‘reach out’ program to bloggers, identifying influencers and striking a conversation with those who might be interested in your brand. Sounds simple but actually it is not. You can manually reach out to bloggers by pitching out your proposal for sponsored post, link for your website or brand, review posts about your products, etc. You can choose to provide articles yourself or can ask the bloggers to write one for you with appropriate links to your business or social media. The process of Blogger Outreach is also popularly know as Guest blogging in the blogosphere.

You can do blogger outreach on yourself manually or through SEO agency. But the best option is to do it through Blogger Outreach sites, softwares and apps. Here I have come up with a list to get you started.

1) Group High

It is a Blogger outreach software which helps you find more influential bloggers, blogs, personalize your lists and information, inbuilt blog research tool for statistics and analytics, relationship management, Social Media and more.

2) BlogDash

Start your outreach strategy with great content creation, find and collaborate with influential bloggers based on keywords, klout stats and more, engage with bloggers from your dashboard and respond to them on social media, personalize your pitch and get promoted.

3) Topsy

Searching and analysing social web is made easy by this only social media outreach which also involves bloggers across the globe. Find key influencers on social sites for your brand and business, get statistics and insights and also get alerts for negative influence.

4) Tap Influence

Tap the best of content creators and influencers across the globe. Find influencers, collaborate and get brand-sponsored content. Plan your outreach program from content creation to distributing, track your results and enjoy your progress.

5) Bloggers Required

Collaborates bloggers and brands, assign the projects to bloggers based on niches and bring the marketing success to businesses by means of blogger outreach.

6) InkyBee

Get your blogger outreach program on steroids and kick start by getting target blogs to promote along with the essential insights and analytics related to the blogs. Build your relationship and track your results.

7) Vocus

A marketing cloud that helps you receive press release opportunities from bloggers and journalists, allows you to distribute news with its news release service, hundreds of email templates to reach prospects and influencers directly, you can also get curated content through your one stop dashboard for all these features and more.

8) BuzzStream

Web based software for marketers for link building, PR and social media, promote services, products, brands and content. With this software you can research influencers and track relationships, track communications and engagement, research influencers, collaborate and get going.

9) People Browser

It provides social OS for enterprises, gathers influencers, Social and enterprise data integration which allows to engage their most influencers, real time engagement visualisation and get scalable insights.

10) Ecairn

Build your next level of social intelligence by targeting people who matter, research for influencers, get your content ideas by trend, understand and engage with your target prospects, measure your progress and your brand by vertical growth.

11) MyBlogGuest

Find blogs to get your content published, filter for target categories, pitch and get published. Build network, get shared on social media, get introduced to new audience, see your outreach success.

12) PostJoint

It builds a network of bloggers and brands to facilitate outreach marketing. Find niche blogs, build relationship, offer content, pay for sponsored posts (also get posted for free) and make your brand reach out.

More than just a marketing strategy, blogger outreach program harness the human emotion of followers attached with the trust towards endorsements and advertisements by their reliable bloggers who turn out to be your brand influencers.

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