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10 Accurate SEO Rank Tracking Software For Internet Marketers

Tired of checking ranks for keywords on Google? No problem.

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

SERPs tracking is one of the essential elements for SEO and a key part of internet marketing. It is pretty important for each blogger and SEO professional to keep track of how your website positions change in response to internal and external changes. One of the most common errors that bloggers and website owners do is they don’t include target keywords into articles.

As soon as you get over with your optimized post using target keywords, the next step is to monitor your site ranking and build up quality links with an appropriate anchor text. Make sure that only the most searched keywords can help you be in the Top of search results.

How to track keyword ranking on google?

You check this out manually in search engines, but for large projects, it is better to use online tools to monitor keywords in Google. No matter what you do: On Page or Off Page SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, increasing your rankings for appropriate search queries is what you lead up every time.

Before you reach a decision about a good keyword tracking tool, I’d like that you try out all of these 10 tools below. If you want to use a free online tool, you should be ready to the delivery of inaccurate results. Local results, video and image snippets, youtube rankings and other results can affect how your website is ranked via various search ranking tools. That’s why it is so important to find out for yourself the best tool in order to get more accurate indicators and site statistics.

  1. SE Ranking



SE Ranking is an absolutely unrivaled 100% accurate rank tracking system. It is easy to use: just add keywords, select search engines and regions and get instant results. The tool offers a wide range of useful features like mobile and local rankings, extra data on your extracted keywords, adding extra users to your account with access to certain projects, awesome reporting facilities, spotting top 10 competitors and checking subdomains automatically.


SE Ranking has some great extra opportunities that can improve your SEO process. The White Label feature and customizable reports make your work easier. It’s easy to work directly with a client via your personalized interface with your logo. I think this tool to be about the gold standard when it comes to checking website positions.


  1. Authority Labs


Authority Labs is one of the most accurate and reliable keyword ranking tools in the internet marketing. You can add not only your keywords, but the tool also suggests some related keywords that you can add to your project. The tool monitors local and global rankings and provides extended White label reports for specific time periods, days in order to check out any changes over time.

Authority Labs is quite a handy tool and a simple interface. If you want to give an access to other people in order to view the results, you won’t need to pay extra licenses and nothing extra to buy.  The tool has a 30-day free trial, after that you should pay to get better functionality.

  1. Traffic Travis

traffic travis1

Traffic Travis is another Seo helper that can monitor your rankings from your computer. You can easily download the software to your computer, add 5 projects and check up to 500 keywords with a free version. The tool has an integration with Google AdWords that helps you get all information from Google itself. One of its disadvantages is the lack of competitor analytics data and you can’t get how well your competition is doing.

Traffic Travis performs a full SEO analysis on your website that shows up different information like Alexa, DA, a number of indexed pages, page warnings, page rank and ranking data for search engines. It reveals all basics in order to be sure that you don’t miss out on the fundamentals.

  1. Google Webmaster Tools

google webmaster tools

Google Webmaster Tools is the most famous Seo tool that provides a free keyword ranking analysis and is used by any website owner. As you know, there is much debate about the accuracy of Google’s data in Webmaster tools, but it can be fine for SEO newbies.

google webmaster tools1

The tool offers a bunch of other awesome features and data for your projects like search traffic, links to your site, internal links, site errors, crawl stats and etc. Notice that you can’t get any data about the top competitors until you verify the ownership of your website.

google analytics

  1. Web CEO


Web CEO is one of the most powerful rank tracking tools that offers online and desktop options. The tool has a free and paid version. The free one allows you monitor up to 5 keywords and create two projects, also analyzes 200 pages for broken links and monitor up to 40 links leading to your website. It is integrated with Google Analytics and provides information on global search statistics, content optimization and ranking distribution.

Web CEO is designed for more advanced users, but it still has a simple interface and setup. The reports are well-detailed and have an access to historical reports in order to analyze ranking changes over time. You can also get a quick glance at how you are ranking in search against your competitors.

  1. Advanced Web Ranking

awr cloud

Advanced Web Ranking is one of the most powerful tools to check website rankings in search. It offers desktop and cloud-based versions and the possibility to monitor an unlimited number of websites, competitors and projects. Make sure that if you want to track thousands of keywords every day, you need to get some extra proxies in order to avoid blocking by search engines.

awr cloud1

You can easily recheck site ranking automatically at any time or just schedule automatics updates of your keywords. One of the awesome features is to assign users some permissions to view or edit data and run white-label reports.  Everything goes together with email notifications and report scheduling.

  1. SEMrush


SEMrush is one of the most well-known research tools that has a lot of features to offer. As most of the above-mentioned tools, it allows you to monitor global and local-specific rankings of your projects and your competitors. All data from Google is updated on a daily basis and shows you a clear picture of how your rankings are changing over time.


The tool is multilingual and allows you create tracking projects in different countries and speak different languages. It offers a powerful kit of useful tools like analytics reports on organic and paid traffic, backlinks, social media, auditing, advertising, etc.

  1. SerpFox


SerpFox is a super simple software that monitors daily rankings without the need for proxies and extra costs. One of the coolest features is to include or ignore local results (Google Maps). The tool gives you the opportunity to view graphs and estimate your SEO campaigns. In order to simplify the keyword analysis, you can create groups and notifications for both a specific keyword and URL.


SerpFox is the lack of the reporting feature what makes the whole SEO process difficult and send clients simple reports. You can track up to 500 results deep in Google and Bing what will rise above the competition.

  1. SerpWoo


SerpWoo is absolutely a new tool in this industry, but it is growing in popularity rapidly. The tool allows you not only track your website positions, but also the competitors for a specific keyword. It also has normal reporting functions, you can create a report individually for your clients.

The only reason why SerpWoo doesn’t take a leading position is the lack of a simple user interface. As soon as you sign up, there are so many graphics, lines and options what is really overwhelming. As for me, I prefer a simple design and interface when it comes to website positions.

  1. Link Assistant Rank Tracker

link assistant

Rank Tracker by Link Assistant is another great solution to check website rankings in search. It has a downloaded solution with one-time fee.  This was the first solution to track positions in Google, and within 12 years, they created many great tutorials, tools and guides and they actually know a lot about SEO.

The only issue I’ve met is too difficult to set up. Their white label reports are great, and they can be easily saved and can be sent to a client via email. This tool is perfectly made for SEO individuals.


There are a lot of reasons why users are looking for a new ranking tool. Some of them has a limited number of tracked keywords, the lack of necessary features like keyword analysis, reporting features, and a poor service. The results are limited in data, competitors monitoring is too minimal and there is no type of results. It is rock-bottom low that each tool should have.

In this post, we’ve gathered a great list of rank trackers that have all these basic features and even more in its arsenal.

Do you know another tool to find out exact keyword rankings? How do you monitor site positions of your projects? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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