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10 Tips to make Google+ a fun experience. Really!

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:58 am

Google+ is like that fancy treadmill you bought and never used.

In this digital world, Social Media has become a necessary evil. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc all play different role and serve different purposes. The relatively latest addition to this list of inevitable social media networks is Google Plus. Since Google is the King of internet obviously Google Plus is its Heir! That becomes the number one reason why you should care about it! Though Google+ is an amazing tool, we all know that it haven’t been able to gather the mass like Facebook did. Probably because they came in late to the party, people still don’t think much about it.


Let us get started and discuss on how to improve user engagement and make it a fun experience:

1. Easy to access is easy to use

Help people find your G+ Page- Adding a Google Plus badge on your blog is the first step towards success. This will help your blog visitors to discover your Google Plus presence and your page. It might bring in interest to the visitors to connect with you. Just a mouse click away and they can turn into your followers and substantially can be your leads.

2. Friends circles in real life matters so does on Google Plus

Just as your friends circles in real life differs on the basis of your school friends, colleagues, family, interests etc and hence the relationship you share with them differs, likewise the circles in G+ should be ideally organized and curated depending on the interests you share.

3. Hashtags on Google+, a dose of steroids for SEO tactics

Hashtags were introduced by Twitter and is now a hit on Google Plus too. Hashtags are the best way to help people find your content inside Google Plus as well as they are a great way to find yourself a good place in Google search.

4. Long posts inside Google+ receive great attention

Write an awesome shareable post which will also get +1s and your are likely to be everywhere on internet. The more the popular your post on Google Plus the better the attention it receives from the boss, the Google. And also with a link back to your blog the CTR rates from your G+ post to your website/blog increases drastically.

5. Google Plus Direct connect allows people to add you directly from search

By following few simple steps you can allow users to add you to their circles directly from search results just like the Facebook like feature. At present this feature is restricted to biggies on Google Plus with large following. Additionally you should have that one link between your blog and your G+ profile as discussed in the next step.

6. Google Authorship #1 strategy to improve your engagement

Claim your authority for the content you create by getting Google authorship. A picture thumbnail next to your search snippet is a great way to improve your CTR as it gives a feel of authenticity to the user. Not all this, it also helps improve your author rank.

7. Google Plus Hangouts a publicity stunt!

Hangouts especially Hangouts On Air (HOA) can prove to catalyse your strategies in building online engagement. Real time interaction and live sessions through direct video communication with followers and prospects opens up new horizons. This helps build brand loyalty and also can help you get one-to-one feedback.

8. Start your own community relevant to the field of your interest

Communities are a great way to connect with like minded people. You can start a community of your own so that you built a strong following of prospects who are interested in the topic you want to talk to them. With heads to nod at your command, community marketing could be just like eating a piece of cake.

9. Do you really care? Then show it with what you share

Don’t assume, analyse your data before sharing. Relevance matters and that is why you need to be careful with what you share on your circles and communities. Intuition and foresight is a great thing to be mastered upon but analysing your G+ followers habits is even more important. The kind of shares, the types of +1s and the amount of interactions got by your previous posts will tell you the interests of your community.

10. The more you give, the more you get, Participate and interact

Be the propeller and kick start conversation and interactions on other communities and posts by your competitors. Be proactive and take participation; add your opinion, make comments and indulge in the discussions started by other people.

Did you think you have ever used any of these strategies on Google Plus? Or, do you have anything more to add to this list? Go ahead; we are all eyes and ears eager to know from you.

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