9 Amazing SEO Tools to check domain authority

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:58 am

Internet is flooded with websites and blogs so much that the search engines will slap you with results for keywords related to the rarest of the rarre and weirdest of the weird niches.

What does this mean?

It means the competition for content visibility of any website is higher than the Mount Everest and so you must be Edmund Hillary of your niche! If that sounds like a little too much to expect then you must at least build great Domain Authority.

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What is Domain Authority ?

DA is one of the major factors for search engine ranking. DA is the dominance of a given domain on how better it is compared to other domains in the niche as per its link profile so it ranks well in search results. As per this detailed article on DA, you must build a strong link profile by trying to get more links from well-linked-to pages to gain better DA.

What are the factors that affect Domain Authority?

Factors that affect DA are:

  1. Age
  2. History
  3. Size & Volume
  4. Backlinks
  5. Historical traffic data

Although the first three factors play a vital role in determining DA, links and DMoz value play key role too.

How to build Domain Authority?

DA cannot be directly built though you can work towards influencing it indirectly like:

  • Improving overall SEO of your website will definitely help build DA.
  • Great content is always a pleasure to share for anybody, so work towards creating sharable content so that you automatically gain handful of do-follow links without you investing in link building and/or pleading others to give you some.
  • Regular posting will improve your Alexa rank which is again one of the factors among 100s of them for determining DA.

Definitely, every aspect of building a successful website will build DA as a bi-product. You don’t have to be technical or a specialist SEO ninja to to show your authority in your chosen niche.

Before you begin on improving your DA, you should definitely know your current DA status so that you will be able to compare and cultivate good SEO habits to improve the overall health of your website in terms of SEO and content. To get your present stats on DA here is the list of awesome Domain Authority checking tools.

1. MozBar


2. Bulk DA Results by SubmitShop

Does a neat job of fetching the domain authority of websites. Good thing is that you can check domain authority for 100 URLs at once.

3. Domain Authority Checker by Google the Planet

Check domain authority for up to 100 URLs at once with this tool.

4. Domain Checker by OutReachr

Checks Google PR, Domain authority, Moz rank, Links, IP, Country, Contact and Emails of owner in one go. You can check up to 50 URLs at once. Also, export the result if you like.


5. Bulk SEOMoz Authority Checker

Check up to 100 URLs for domain authority, page authority, Moz rank and Link data in one go.


6. Domain Battle by WebSEO


Another amazing tool that can check all the significant SEO metrics including all subdomains on a website.

7. Websiter Analyzer


This is a much more sophisticated SEO tool, that checks pretty much everything about a website including its traffic numbers from quantcast, compete, Alexa and backlinks, authority links, site index etc in one single page.

8. Website Authority Checker by Designs Review

This tool is a little sluggish compared to other tools, but does the job well. Basically it compares a list of metrics like domain authority and backlink data as reported by other SEO tools and gives you a simple analysis.

9. Domain Authority Checker by SEORankSmart


Probably one of the fastest and agile tool among the list. This guy checks for page and domain authority only and restricts the list of URLs to 10, but gets the data really fast.

Do you have a better Domain Authority than your competitor in the same niche? Well its now time to find it out with the great tools listed above. And, don’t forget to share your DA with us in the below comments section. Also. let us know if you know of a better domain authority checking tool.

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