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9 Amazing Tools To Make Beautiful Infographics Easily

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:58 am

In today’s world of information overload, processing the data of words becomes monotonous and hence easily drowns the reader’s interest. Brain craves for visual knowledge since it is effective, less time consuming and more over backed by human sensory biology. As the saying goes- a picture speaks thousand words, no doubt infographics are making such boom in online content creation and marketing sector.

Also, infographics are a great way to grab some attention that might (or might not) be beneficial for SEO.

Here I have compiled a list of nine such amazing web-based infographic creating tools:

1. Create fun infographics with your resume


This infographic tool is for fun, contemporary and standalone online resume creation. You just need to integrate your LinkedIn profile and let this awesome tool do the rest for you. You will be amazed to see your resume so bright and beautiful that you will instantly fall in love with it.

2. Create your own infographics or hire a designer


With this tool you can create infographics based on your social profiles like Twitter and Facebook by integrating your accounts. One of the finest features of this free online infographics tool is the marketplace on their website where you can work with visual designers and infographics specialists.

3. Interactive infographics made easy

Infogram The best web-based tool for creating not just pretty infographics but also awesome charts. You can choose from varieties of chart display options and also add your own images and videos. You can download your infographic, share it on social media and also embed it on your website/blogs.

4. An online visualization tool anybody can use


StatSilk- This is a web-based as well as a desktop tool for creating endless visualizations and visual mapping for easy data analysis. The most eye catching feature of StatSilk is the option to animate changes over time where the color transitions, changes in the dimensions of bars/charts etc will bring your infographic to life.

5. Professional looking infographis with the click of a button


EWC Presenter- This online tool is great for creating attractive infographics of professional quality. In this tool you will find all the data representation methods already embedded in the themes with users just needed to enter the values. Funny but they claim it’s “So easy your Grandmother can use it!”

6. Infographics with usage tracking and analytics


Venngage- The beauty of this online infographics tool is that you can create and publish infographics and also engage viewers while tracking the results. With great collection of themes, charts and pictograms you can create versatile infographics without any prior experience.

7. Create infographics in three easy steps


Piktochart- Yet another web based tool to bring information to life by creating engaging infographics in three easy steps. Interestingly, search engines can crawl your infographics created using Piktochart which means your visual content is more visible and powerful for marketing.

8. Create infographics from templates and pre-built objects

easely This tool is great for creating conceptual visuals where storytelling plays vital role. Though you cannot create graphs using real data, this tool supports maps, charts and other common graphing. It also has wide selection of objects that are required for the enhancement of your visuals.

9. Make an infographic about yourself


What About Me? This tool by Intel is a fun way to create personalized infographic to present yourself in a colourful visual style. This infographic is automatically generated based on your habits on social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Infographics not only increases the rate of absorption but also induces interest to read more hence enhances the engagement with the content. With all these benefits and more, what is stopping you from exploring the science and art of creating amazing infographics for your wonderful audiences?

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