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How to Find Interesting Topics to Blog About

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

If you are struggling to find topics to blog about, the one reassuring aspect is that you’re not alone. In fact, as many as 41% inbound marketers mentioned “Lack of Content Creation” as one of the most challenging obstacles to inbound marketing success, according to a study conducted by Contently. This inability to create content is primarily because of the dearth of new topic ideas that content creators constantly struggle with.

Another important point that needs to be acknowledged here is that the internet has long surpassed the milestone of 1 billion websites back in 2014, as per data available on InternetLiveStats. The volume of content available on the World Wide Web today is mindboggling, and chances are that any topic you plan to write on will already have been covered by someone else. You must therefore try and bring novelty to your writing style. For instance, if you want to write on a topic like 10 Easy Tips to Lose Weight, you might want to give the subject a spin and write instead on 10 Weight Loss Myths Busted. In addition, the use of some online tools can also help.

Online Tools to Search for New Blog Topics

  • Find it on HubSpot –
    Don’t you wish finding blog topics was as easy as typing random words in some text fields and clicking a button named “Give Me Blog Topics”? Well, if you’ve ever used HubSpot’s blog topic generator, that is exactly what you would end up doing to mine topics for your blog posts.
  • Google Trends –
    One of the most sought after online tools by content creators is the ever-popular Google Trends tool. Using this tool, one can explore popular search trends on Google and select a topic around those keywords. There are even real-time search trends available on the Google Trends website, just so that you know what the world is searching for now. For reference, you can even take a look back at the year in search 2016 to see search trends that dominated during 2016.
  • Social Crawlytics –
    Finding “influencer blogs” in your niche, i.e., blogs penned by the most competent/followed voices in any given subject, is one good way of mining for trending topics. You can quite easily keep tabs on such popular authors using a tool like Social Crawlytics.
  • Buzzsumo –
    As the name suggests, the Buzzsumo tool will shed light on some of the most trending topics on social media. You can do a topic search and arrive at the total number of shares on popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.
  • Setup Google Alerts –
    One easy way to know what’s being written about on your desired topic is by setting up Google Alerts around the keywords that best identify that topic. You can then go through the suggested pages to explore if there exists an opportunity to write on any particular aspect of the discussion that was touched upon only briefly or not at all.

Keep these tips in mind when you have to narrow down interesting blogs topics, ones that can get you eyeballs and turn you into a popular blogger and influencer.

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