5 Best WordPress Plugins for Increasing Social Shares

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

According to a Shareaholic report published by Forbes in 2015, with more than 31% of all referral traffic, which is the visits that come to a site from sources outside of its search engine, social media is the prime driver. Amidst all the social networking sites, Facebook, with around 2,000 million active users, was the supreme ruler. Integrating a blog with social media is important, but these statistics show that doing so might be vital for success. Users from social media sites are the target audience most bloggers would like to capture to improve their search engine rankings.

But how do you connect a blog with social media? The answer is social media plugins.  Social media plugins can be added to the blog template, which then creates social media sharing buttons like the Facebook share, Facebook like, Twitter share, Google Plus like, and Pinterest “pin” buttons on your blog. These sharing buttons allow readers to quickly share your posts on their favourite networking sites, which in turn helps increase the visibility of your content online. In addition, these plugins also allow you to track follower counts.

However, among the millions of plugins available today, it is easy to get confused. In the attempt to simplify things for you, here is a list of the five best WordPress plugins that can help increase traffic from social media sites.

Top Social Media Plugins to Increase Social Shares in 2017

1. Mashshare:

Rated 4.8 by WordPress, Mashshare is a free Social Media Plugin that optimizes the content present on the blog. It offers a highly customizable ecosystem for social media sharing. This is the best way to attract a huge amount of traffic to your WordPress site from Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

2. Social Warfare:

This plugin allows you to add sharing buttons that are a visual delight. You can even create floating share buttons with Social Warfare. The share buttons are not only attractive, they are the fastest loading social buttons available today. The company assures that the plugins will never slow down the site. WordPress rated this site a 4.2.

3. Monarch:

Another addition to stylish social buttons is Monarch, which allows you to take social sharing to the next level. The blogger is allowed to choose from over 20 social sharing networks to display on their website. Moreover, the plugin offers the bloggers a large selection of locations, where they can choose to place the sharing buttons.

4. Shareholic:

Shareholic is an amazing social media plugin that not only offers social media buttons but their award-winning tools also allow bloggers to increase page views, time-on site and repeat visits. They also offer an easy-to-use analytics dashboard, which lets the blogger understand their audience and deliver content accordingly.

5. Sumo:

The makers of Sumo understand that each post on a blog is crucial and takes a lot of hard work from the blogger. The social media plugin is connected to over 65 social networks, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Pocket, etc., ensuring that the content reaches the right audience in no time.

So, go ahead and let your creative juices flow and let the world awaken to your blog through plugins.

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