WTF is a “High Quality Site”, Google?

If you have noticed Google’s official blog or press releases, you will notice that they keep repeating certain phrases time and again, never really bothering to explain what exactly it means. They sure give you hints and pointers but never the beef. It looks like “High Quality Content” tops the charts of the most used phrases from Google.

WTF does high quality site mean, after all?

wtf-googleWhile all of us (website owners and webmasters) are striving to create amazing content, trying to keep readers interested, Google comes along and says “Make it high quality, or you’ll lose them!”

“Hello…what do you think we were doing all this while?”

Of course, everybody wants to make good websites and we don’t like bad websites. But its an effort and a process. While we appreciate your good will and support, why do you have to keep everything vague?

Example: When you say “over optimization” could be a problem, why don’t you say – scoring an A+ on Onsite Optimization can be detrimental?


When you say “Provide content that gives users a reason to visit, and return, to your site.”…why don’t you say – A back button hit from your website straight back to the serps within the Xth second means a negative point?


When you say “Make sure your page layout don’t compromise the content quality”…why don’t you say – Don’t use more than 25% of your website real-estate for ads?

Makes more sense, right? Helps novices create better sites right?

But no. You never say things in black and white. You make it vague so that we creep in the dark and tumble down. FYI, Quality is always measured and there is always a standard for comparison. Here, all we have are vague words thrown at us.

Well, thank you for the tips on making “high quality sites”. That was helpful indeed. No really.

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Mani Karthik

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  1. I believe Google always create a confusion for all his algorithm changes you can never expect a proper details about his any of the algorithms. The idea of web spam is really required but the way Google algorithm works i don’t know how he differentiate good site vs bad site.

  2. A great article indeed, loved it.

    I agree with you, Mani. Google doesn’t disclose what they really mean by “High Quality Sites”. May be they don’t know either. Just because Google is the #1 search engine, they can talk like a secret agent.

    I think it’s time for other SEs like Bing and Yahoo to come forward. It’s up to us, the bloggers and webmaster.

    And also, rather than complying to what Google says we can simple ask our readers if the content/site is worth reading or not.


    … this … is a joke right?

    We follow the same standards for years… one day Google decides to wipe out 80%+ of 1000s of people’s businesses….

    But… they … give us THIS?

    “Do no evil” has failed.

    – – – – – – – –

    If Bing, Duckduckgo, Blekko or anyone else comes forward forward and begins teaching how their algorithm works with regards to SEO, they’ll have thousands & thousands of webmasters automatically building their brand and recommending them over Google.

    I’ve always built up Google to be the best search engine on the planet, because they allowed me to prosper. Now that they’ve removed that, I really see no reason to.


  4. Oh and I just have to say… in case MC reads this again.

    Handing over the SERPS to Brands sucks big time… & the free flow of online information has been severely compromised.

    I guess everyone sells out at some point.

  5. Well done. This reinforces a lot of what I was thinking about this topic as
    well. I hope you return to this subject with updates, “best practices”, and
    more insight on this subject in the near future.

  6. Thank you for sharing this material and shining a light on what can be a confusing subject. With so much information out there it’s nice to have the material narrowed down to a simple and concise presentation of the facts.

  7. What a great essay on a subject with lots of moving parts. This is full of great information, which is clearly defined and easy to understand. I feel like I’ve got a much better handle on this now because of this article. Great writing!