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Blogging Tips

Simple and Easy Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

Try Googling “tips to drive traffic to your blog” and what do you find? An innumerable number of blog posts, out of which not all are the ones that you really need. But, amidst the entire crowd somewhere you’ll find what you are looking for. So, what does this mean? There are a lot of bogus content out there. Either the blogger was too bored or had no idea on the topic for which he/she was going to write or it is outdated or all the blog posts that you have read says more or less the same thing.

The competition is unimaginably outgrowing and unless, you have some awesome content your blog will fail to attract traffic. Now you know why those big shots who might be great at business otherwise are in fact, struggling to drive traffic to their blog.
This is one point where webmasters fail to attract traffic. But, the truth is there is more to it. You can drive traffic only if you can find out where your audiences are. So, here, we are going to examine where you can find some traffic that is natural and rich, and also, very much necessary for your blogs.

Social Media:

First of all, let us examine this strategy. How cool are you? Or maybe the question should be when was the last time you examined your level of engagement over the social media networks?
As you might be aware and most of you might have tried your hands at generating some traffic by utilizing paid campaigns implemented via Facebook Ads or similar platform. But, the fact is that if you know the actual rules of blogging you could generate the same amount of organic traffic through social media marketing channels.
Now you know why we have included “Social Media” as the first point to help you to your way to success.
So, what are we going to do to increase user engagement over the social media sites?

Keep a track of what’s going on

If you have observed you might have found that a number of new features are being made available to the social media networking sites to attract, impress, engage and convert people. Instagram and Facebook have come up with stories.

Take your content to them not once but multiple times

You have a great content that has performed well. Why not take it to your people for more than once? They will be happier. Post it on different platforms at different times a week and also, at different times a day. People will share, like and comment which will ultimately increase the traffic to your blog.

Keyword research

How could we forget this most important tool ever? This is one of the easiest ways to bring the most sought after traffic to your site. This is one of the things that you should be considering when thinking about driving traffic to your site. When you are doing the keyword research right and when you have the right keywords with you – you are already on the way to reaching out your customer’s heart.
Are you finding it difficult to do it manually? Why do you want to do it manually and waste your time and effort when there are some tools available, such as the SERPS, MOZ keyword explorer and the keyword tool?
Did you know you could drive traffic to a keyword by including it in a particular blog post? But, most of the times, people end up overdoing this by including a lot of keywords beyond the limit.
Here, are some simple tips as to where you could include these:

  • Alt text on images
  • Headlines and titles
  • Also, within the body of the content (don’t stuff it too many times)

Also, when it comes to keywords it would be great if you could use long tail keywords, which is Google’s preferred way. If still you find that your keywords are not driving traffic, you could always examine and find out what is it that is preventing you from ranking for the expected keywords.
Implement Yoast SEO for WordPress and this plugin will take you to the factors that are messing up things for you.

Guest Posts

The people who have already tried this technique are well aware of how it can work wonders.
When you are guest blogging you are automatically acquiring a site’s audience for yours.
Here, are a few things that you should be considering when selecting the blog to which you will submit yours. Let’s not make any mistake.


The audience matters. You do not want someone who doesn’t belong to your audience category. You need the audience that is prominent to your business – the people who are likely to read yours.
Think about the scenario where you are writing for a site and you have no idea of who the audiences are and you end up trying to attract audiences that do not matter to you at all.
If you have impressive content, then, surely many of the sites would be ready to allow you to post your link in the guest post criteria and ultimately you would earn a link back to your site. Also, it is important to ensure that the so-called site would provide you with a link back or you would be wasting your time.
Also, another point to consider when choosing a site is that they have sufficient readers engaging in their site and blogs. If not, then ditch the idea of choosing this particular site. A site with the maximum number of engagements must be chosen for getting a link back.


A lot of businesses have been doing this and this has been one of their greatest strengths in driving traffic organically. Just integrate a video in the YouTube related to your post and see the magic for yourself.
Tutorial videos are really an awesome factor that people love and they are attracted to it.
Google has this technique of prioritizing videos when deciding the ranking factors.
So, having a blog post embedded with your video is another way to opening up traffic to your site.
These are some of the simple things that you could implement in your day-to-day blogging activities to generate traffic.

 About Author: Vipin Nayar is the Digital Marketing Head at Acodez.

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