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How to Start a Fashion Blog?

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

Okay, so you want to start your own fashion blog, but have no idea how. That’s where we come in. We are going to tell you how everything you need to know about starting your own fashion blog and it will take you less than 4 minutes to read the whole article and become reasonably conversant with the basics of the process. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Here’s what you should know – fashion blogs are huge right now. Set them up right and they will earn you a decent passive income for years to come.

First, understand – blogging is NOT easy. There are so many fashion blogs out there that it is easy to get lost in the crowd. There is just too much competition. That’s the bad news.

You want to know the good news? An overwhelming majority of fashion blogs suck, and they don’t really make any money. So you can just come riding in like a knight in shining armor and grab a chunk of the advertising income before anyone else does.

You can do that if you work smart, are willing to go the extra yard to succeed and are thoroughly prepared.

Here’s how to do that.

#1: Get a great domain name, sign up for web hosting and get a WordPress blog

Okay, you really have to get your own domain name. That’s the basic. No, don’t just start your blog on Blogger or Tumble because they are free. You will never make any money that way.

Here’ what you should do..

Step 1: Get your own independent domain name from a domain registration service such as Make sure to pick a really slick domain name.

Step 2: Sign up for WordPress hosting on a web hosting service such as BlueHost or HostGator.

Step 3: Install WordPress. You want your blog on WordPress, the world’s best content management system, and not anywhere else.

And yeah, get the blog designed by a professional web developer. Go for a custom web design, one that makes your blog look unique, even if it costs you a lot.

#2: What makes you different?

Why are you any different from the riff raff of the blogosphere? Why should anyone take you seriously when there are a million fashion blogs out there? Show that you are different. Here’s how to do that…

Step 1: Put your face on the blog – You are going to write the blog. Make sure everybody and their aunt knows who you are.

Step 2: Tell your story – Why did you start this fashion blog? Who is it for, what do you hope to achieve with it? Why should people bother about you? Lay it all out!

Step 3: Create your brand – Your fashion blog and everything on it, your name, logo, writing style and design, represents your brand. Make it unique.

 Step 4: Don’t be afraid to take risks – Take risks with the content, don’t be like everyone. Show why you are unique and your blog is worth reading.

#3: Publish OUTSTANDING content

Your content, it cannot be emphasized enough, makes all the difference. Don’t just publish boring, run-of-the-mill stuff after you have done so much hard work setting up the blog. We realize that blogging is hard work, but you have to create great content, again and again. Create a relentless flow of content that makes people go “WOW”. Solve a specific problem or fulfill a need with your content, such as “awesome fashion ideas for the plus sized woman”… you get it don’t you? Create content that will compel people to visit your blog, day after day, for years.

#4: Network relentlessly

The thing about creating a blog is that you have to make friends with other bloggers in your niche and create link building opportunities. You must try your best to get the authority sites in your niche to link to your blog. Links are the currencies of the internet. The more quality websites and blogs link to you, the higher you will appear on Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages).

So get in touch with other fashion bloggers and build relationships. And learn from them. Find out what makes them tick.  Here are some of the top sites that you can learn from…

  • Refinery29 – You will find some great content ideas from this blog.
  • StylelikeU – A very stylish fashion blog that pushes the boundaries every so often.
  • Anne Street Studio – Has a simple by elegant design with high quality
    professional photographs.
  • The Beauty Department – Awesome infographics/graphics, and a unique style that is all their own.
  • Bryan Boy – Outstanding example of how to build a personal brand with a blog.

Well, that’s it…. These are the basics of starting your own fashion blog. Hope you enjoyed reading this. It shouldn’t have taken you more than 4 minutes as we said at the start!

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