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24 Ridiculously Awesome Slack Apps That’ll Make Your Startup 10X More Productive!

These are gems. Pick 'em up!

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

Slack, the team communication app has brought some refreshing change to the way we communicate lately. It’s probably the best tech app that got a lot of love with word of mouth marketing! I love it. And unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard about it or are using it already. Slack, has changed the way we communicate, in an amazing way. In the last one and a half year, the only one app that my friends have been consistently recommending me, be it what ever group I’m part of, bloggers, marketers or team mates is Slack.

What makes Slack fun (apart from it’s great fun vibes) is its ability to integrate with apps and bring all types of updates under a streamlined process. Sure, there’s been lot of debate lately about whether or not it’s making communications easier. But nevertheless, it’s growing like crazy.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of its cool app integrations that will make getting things done a whole lot easier for small teams and make them 10X more productive.

1. Get Google Analytics in an easy to understand way

This app is a god given for those who hate Google Analytics for its complexity but are living with it out of no options. It essentially simplifies your Google Analytics numbers and puts it in very simple to understand format on your Slack channels for everyone to see. So, everyone in your team now knows where you stand on monthly growth. No more confusing spreadsheets!

slack window

Get Arc Here

2. Get notified when another website links to you

This is probably one the things that even boggles professional bloggers. No matter what SEO software you use, some of those links slip through your radar. Well not again. This little Slack app will notify you and your team mates whenever some site links to you.


Get It Here

3.  Get alerted for your brand mentions within Slack

You know that exciting feeling when some big website picks up a story of yours. Well, most people realize it only when it’s too late. Now, don’t miss anything said about your brand, industry, or competitor online – get real-time alerts when there’s a conversation happening that you need to know about right within Slack.

file ss37noQAOH

Get Mention Here

4. Test your website, get results right in Slack

Pingdom, Google Mobile Tests, Litmus Tests, you know the drill. Whenever you have to test your website, you have to use multiple tools and it’s mayhem. Now, integrate website testing and get all your results right in Slack for everyone to check. These tests check for all the most commonly overlooked mistakes, including JavaScript errors, missing files (images, css, etc), broken links, and SEO issues.

slack in action

Get Monkey Test It Here

5. Chat with your website visitors right from Slack

So, let’s say you have something to sell on your site. Perhaps that SEO course or WordPress Installation service. You’ve tried all that you can to reduce bounce rates but they aren’t working. Try live chat and you can engage with your pricing page visitors right from Slack! How cool is that?

live chat hero image v3 d23441ffc8

Get Chatlio Here

6. Get Google Analytics Reports in Slack

I know I already mentioned Arc, but if you need more insights from Google Analytics, there is another great tool. What it does is, give you insights from Google Analytics if you ask it using commands. For example, the bot is so smart that if you ask it any question (see guidelines) like you would normally ask your friend, it would answer you.


Get Stats Bot Here

7. Organize your content calendar within Slack

For those of you using Trello for content calendar planning, you’re in luck. Slack and Trello integrates really well bringing the goodness of collaborative task and project management right into Slack.


Get Trello Here

8.  Get funky GIFs for your blog posts right from Slack

Man, I love those GIFs! And Giphy makes it so easy to find them. Just type in a command with the type of GIF you need an Giphy will deliver it to you within Slack.


Get Giphy Here

9. To-Do Lists, Calendars for your entire team in Slack

This sounds too good to be true but it works! You know how ugly it gets when you have to create a reminder to manage your to-do lists! Not any more. This cool app called Kyber adds To-do lists, Reminders, Calendars etc (for your entire team) right within Slack. Very useful for multi-author websites and content marketing teams.


Get KyberHere

10. Share ideas for blog posts with team – Get validation

No more sharing ideas over Google docs and forgetting them completely. With this app, you can add ideas with a simple command line and get your team mates to vote up/down or comment on those ideas. Also, you can recall your idea repository anytime!


Get Ideas Here

11.  Organize Team Stand Up Meetings within Slack

No more chasing your team mates when it’s time to do stand up meetings. Let them join regular, automated stand up meetings where ever they are with this app. Just set up a time, and a set of questions to ask and it will automatically ping each team member when the time’s up. Stand up meetings will never be a pain with this app.


Get Geekbot Here

12. Time tracking for remote employees & freelancers

If you’re like any modern marketing/blogging team, you would have folks working from home or perhaps even a different time zone. And the problem here is time tracking on collaborative projects with them. Well, this app will take care of time tracking right within Slack, with simple commands.


Get Timetracking for Slack Here

13. One click easy Video conferencing in Slack

Admit it. We’ve tried it all. There are various video conferencing tools but one that is simple to ease, reliable and works when you want it to – none! is a life savior. With just adding a browser plugin it creates simple, ease to use, yet powerful video conferencing for global teams. I’m a big fan of this guy and can assure you that you will never leave a call disappointed. Up to 8 people in one call, no login, registration, no hassle.


Get Here

14. Know who’s subscribing to your email lists

Bloggers being bloggers, can’t live without email subscription lists. One more subscriber is one more win to the team. And what a great way to motivate them by letting them know who subscribed to your blog. With MailChimp’s Slack integration, it will allow you to receive updates when people subscribe and unsubscribe from your list and see the sent status of a campaign.


Get MailChimp Here

15. Be the first to know when your site is down in Slack

For bloggers, it is very important to know whether your blog is up or down as downtime can mean traffic and monetary losses. How do you know when your site is down? Get an app like Pingdom. This service will let you know first when there is a downtime on your servers and it will broadcast those status updates in Slack for your entire team.


Get Pingdom Here

16. Get app reviews in Slack as they are posted

So, if you have an app on the app store and are worried about missing new reviews, there is good news. This app, posts latest reviews of your app right into your Slack channel for everyone to see. No more missing latest reviews.


Get App Reviews Here

17. Send emails right from Slack

And, if you’re so much into Slack like me, you might as well want to have your email right inside Slack. Send, reply and read emails right from Slack! This is the ultimate Slack pro hack!


Get Email App Here 

18. Brainstorm content ideas with polls! (Also lunch plans)

No more confusion on where to go for lunch. Just post a simple poll with the options right into your Slack channel and let your team mates vote! Content Marketers& Bloggers can use this to brainstorm headline ideas and have your team select the best headline from the suggestions. ;)


Get Poll App Here 

19. Hire freelancers for quick jobs right from within Slack

If you’re the kind of blogger/content marketer who outsources lot of your work, then you’re gonna love this. Speedlancer is a website that gets small freelance jobs done in a jiffy. And now with this app, you can post to Speedlancer easily using their bot.


Get Speedlancer App Here 

20. Keep your remote team members happy with this bot

When you’re dealing with remote employees and a dispersed teams, it is difficult to know what’s going on with your team mates, forget keeping them happy. Leo, this bot for Slack will take care of monitoring employee satisfaction levels for your team via Slack.


Get Officevibe App Here 

21. Keep track of employee leave & vacations

Slack integration is perfect for keeping track of your teams vacation and leave. It can post a daily overview of who is absent, why, and when they will be back. In addition you get slash commands, which you can use for viewing absences instantaneously.


Get Here

22. Quick screen sharing within Slack

Screen sharing is always a hassle. With this app, screen sharing is so much easy and hassle free. Screenleap allows you to share your screen instantly with other members of your team. This integration is only available when using Slack in Chrome.

Get Screenhero Here

23. Raven SEO Tools in Slack

Raven Tools is a must have for any professional blogger/SEO. With this app, get Link Alerts, Site Auditor completion messages and new Report Builder reports directly in Slack.

Get Raven For Slack Here

24. Find Royalty Free Stock Photos for your blog posts

Photo is a simple integration that searches for stock photography in Slack using the Unsplash API. When Unsplash doesn’t return results /photo will find matching images from Shutterstock. Check out the Github repo to see how this was made.

Get Slash Here

Image courtesy – William Peng

Bonus Mention

HappyFox Chat – This is a free live chat software that integrates with Slack, whereby you can accept chat requests from visitors on your website.

Slack - Screen

Disclosure – I currently work at HappyFox.

Phew! That was quite a list, but all worth the time for Slack. So, what’s your favorite Slack App?

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