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10 Free SEO Tips from Search Engine Experts

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:58 am

Be very cautious whom you take SEO advice from. There are several free tips and resources out there on the web that one cannot figure out which one to rely on. Implementing SEO advices is easy, after all, it’s a small tweak here and another there – is it not? Wrong. Professional SEOs who’re serious with their stuff will always study your website well before giving advices.

While general SEO tips can be given (as you’ll find on this blog) its probably not a good idea to assume that they’re all generic and anyone implementing them can get good results. What you got to understand is that these tips and advices you get on the web are very peripheral and often for good results you need in depth study of your website, the analytics, your code, your historical data etc.

Below are twenty five of such SEO wisdom, that will help you get an in depth idea of various SEEO processes.

1. Successful Keyword Research Tips from Matt McGee

Matt is a popular SEO authority and runs the blog Small Business SEM. On his blog, he writes about the different stages in keyword research and how small businesses should go about finding, categorizing and utilizing the best keywords in their campaigns. Check the article here – Three stages of Keyword success.

2. SEO Tips for Web Design Architecture

Jessica Lee from Bruce Clay Inc, talks about how SEO can help build a better web architecture for your website. The article talks about how the content should be designed and interlinking done effectively on a website. Check the article here – SEO for Web design.

3. SEO Link Building Tips

Dave Naylor, who runs an amazing blog on SEO writes about different link building tips. The article speaks about the importance of research, documentation, and quality in link building.

Check out the article here – Link Building Tips.

4. Importance of content quality in SEO

Jim Boykin, writes about why your site should focus on building quality content and how it is significant in building the authority of your website with search engines. A classic post this one.

Check the article here – Why you should add more content to your site.

5. Link Building best Practices

Link building has always been the point of debate with SEOs. Quality v/s quantity and the speculations on what a good link building campaign. Many of these questions are answered in this post from Link Building blog – Ten best link building practices.

6. Doing Online Reputation Management Right

Michael Gray talks about the right way of doing Online Reputation Management with what he calls the “Spaghetti Method”. He talks about why typical SEO will not work for Online Reputation Management, and requires an alternate method by which each negative result has to be taken down carefully studying the metrics behind them.

Post – Online Reputation Management and the Spaghetti Method.

7. Search Engine Penalties

Todd Malicot speaks about why websites get hit with search engine penalties, how to detect them if at all, the reasons behind penalties, and the guide to recover from them with corrective actions. It also debunks several myths about search engine penalties, and common misconceptions.

A Guide to Search Engine Penalties

8. Impact of Duplicate Content and Bad URLs on SEO

Duplicate content and supplemental results have always been a lurking problem for webmasters. Its often undetected and requires careful thought and planning to fix. Here on Search Engine Guide, Stoney deGeyter talks about how duplicate pages can negatively affect your website.

Don’t let duplicate pages and bad URLs destroy your SEO.

9. Keyword Research shortcuts

Keyword Research is the most integral part of any search engine campaign. It requires meticulous planning and integration with your website content. Not only is it just an exercise to find the most interesting keywords but also figure out how your website can leverage them for long term success. This latter part is what many SEOs miss out.

In this article, Marketing Pilgrim talks about shortcuts to Keyword Research.

10. Tips to Marketing your blog

SEO is one part but there are other major strategies in marketing your blog. Lee Odden talks about these strategies on marketing a blog, a full set of 30 tips ranging from simple SEO technical details to practical tips on drawing audience to your blog.

Post: 25 Tips to Marketing your blog.

Hope you liked them.

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