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Combine Google Analytics with SEO Data

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:58 am

Using Google Analytics to analyze your SEO performance is probably the most easy and significant way to evaluate your SEO efforts. With an overwhelming amount of data flowing through the backlink channels and pages, its tough but inevitable to measure every little detail of things like where most referrals come from, which backlink sent you the most conversions, which link building campaign gave you the most organic traffic etc.

I make it a point to note down and record every small change I make on the website just to be sure that whatever change that occurs can be correlated to the changes. While you do many things daily, its easy to lose track of things and end up assuming that “this gave that”.

While recording changes help a lot, its almost impossible to figure out the match between efforts and results in SEO. Results can be measured but what caused it can be found only if you followed a daily record routine.

Using Google analytics to measure SEO

Well, using Google Analytics is one way out. One can figure out which search term gives the maximum clicks and what are the top landing pages. But this is regular stuff. We’re going a level higher now. SEO Power Suite, the most powerful SEO software available today has updated itself to incorporate Google Analytics data into its reports. I’ve been seeing it for a while now, but the official news is out recently.

With Google Analytics integration, they just made the SEO reports even more fantastic!

Plugging Google Analytics with your SEO dashboard is easy, all you got to do is just give in the Analytics user name and password, and its an instant kick off.

Now, you can get the following data using Google Analytics integration.

– Instantly identify all backlinks that bring actual traffic to websites.
– Find your website’s most visited pages. Measure their landing page effectiveness.
– Measure keyword effectiveness with bounce rates comparison.


I think it’s a huge feature that will make life a lot more easier. Now, you can correlate between what keywords are giving you the most organic traffic and what backlink led to that conversion. Sweet! More details here.

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