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Integrate AdWords with your E-Commerce platform with Viralica

Setting up an Adwords campaign is certainly going to take a lot of time. You need to make sure that the ads created are being viewed by the right people, that they are priced right and that they are getting you the returns that you expect. An Adwords campaign requires effective monitoring right from time it has been started and changes to have to be made whenever required to get results. When you have several Adwords campaign, it’s a lot of work on your hands. Now the task can be made much easier with a simple Adwords campaign tool like Viralica.

What Does Viralica Do?

adwords-ecommerce-integrationViralica is great for people who have eCommerce store because they can use it to find out which ads can drive lots of customer to their stores and trigger sales. It enables you to set up an effective marketing campaign quickly and easily, with just a couple of clicks.  When you have to run an internet marketing campaign there is so much that you have to do such as find the right keywords, place bids, optimizes of your ads and much more. Now you can automate all such efforts with this easy to use AdWords campaign software.  The entire process of creating Adword campaigns that bring best results and tracking their results can now be accomplished with this tool in a matter of just minutes.

How Good Is Viralica  For Your Adwords Campaign?

Viralica’s features enable you to set up your AdWords campaigns very quickly. After you have set up a campaign, you can use its simple dashboard to track its results without any efforts.  You can find out which ads are driving traffic to your site and which are not doing so well.  The tool pulls out information on campaigns that are bringing you maximum sales, so that you can implement their features in other campaigns to get similar results. It even gives you advice on how to optimize on your campaigns so that you can get better results from them and enhance your sales figures.


Unlike other AdWords campaigns that have elaborate dashboard and data input requirements, this one is very simple in its structure. You can ask it to identify keywords that are optimal for your business in just a couple of clicks. After you have implemented your campaign, the analysis reports on campaign results are very understandable. Look at the weekly performance in the dashboard and you can find out what is needed to improve sales. You can use it to find out what key actions have to be done to improve performance and gain the kind of customers and sales figures that you want.


1. A great Adwords camping application for beginners

2. Strikingly quality is its simplicity which makes managing overwhelming Adword campaigns  so much easy

3. Finding data on results is really fast along with help on what to do to improve on campaigns that are not doing so well

4. It can be easily integrated with leading ecommerce platform such as Magento, Big Commerce and Shopify


Perhaps it can include some advanced features that experienced Adword campaign managers would like, perhaps analysis of competitor’s site keywords and so on.

This is a tool that certainly gets a 4.5 rating because of how quickly it enables you to set up and monitor your Adwords campaigns. Its reliable results enable you to improve on your marketing efforts and get the results that you want to achieve without wasting time. It’s a must to have for Adword Campaign Managers.

Rating: 4.5

Price tag:  Beginner to Intermediate level plans starting from $80 to $140 per month respectively.

Official website: Viralica

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