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What’s the next big thing from Google? A Google watch?

This article was updated on July 16th, 2013 at 06:06 am

Well, looks like it.

And not just a “Google watch” but some more awesome hardware that’s essentially “wearable tech”.

If some of the recent patents are to be believed, Google is in the works building some really cool hardware technology that will bring the best of both world’s together. Google’s technology on actual hardware. Did I say “futuristic”?


Bill Slawski reports that some of the recent patents filed by Google are proof enough.

An actual wearable Pair of glasses

That looks no different from the one you’re wearing now.

We’ve all seen the futuristic looking monocular – Google Glass Project. Sergey Brin was spotted wearing them on an NY subway the other day as well. I’ve seen Google engineers wearing them at their SF office – much to my envy.

But the patent shows something more “normal”. An actual pair of glasses with possibly augmented reality or something along its lines. Check out the

A Gmail watch?

Well, the patent shows something like a wearable watch that shows your Gmail updates on the front and when opened, personal messages within (or something like it).


And, there’s more. Robots and stuff. Check out Bill’s article here.

Images courtesy: Bill Slawski and Adrian Maciburko

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