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Think Klout sucks? Try Klouchebag, Its fun.

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:58 am

Klout is undoubtedly the leader in measuring social influence on the web. A great app that does some really cool things with your social data. However, its difficult to comprehend how it works and the ratings are speculative.

There are many grey areas in their algorithm (which I guess they admit as well), but clearly there’s a lot of effort put in, to make sense of all those data. At least, they have great graphics and the data in perspective is better than anyone else out there – though it might be inaccurate.

While there’s a lot of talk on how the Klout “algorithm” is flawed, there’s this one gem that I came across today that ridicules Klout pretty cleverly – Klouchebag.

Its created by Tom Scott.

In his own words,

I got annoyed with the fuss around Klout, the horrible social-game that assigns you a score based on how “influential” you are online. This is the result.

Klouchebag, as far as I can comprehend, analyzes the amount of swearing in your social profiles (Twitter), and puts it on a simple chart (or something like that).


It has a look and feel much like Klout as well. Its fun, a nice way to poke Klout. Thanks Tom.

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