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10 Efficient Software for Online Reputation Management

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:58 am


Building a good reputation online is no easy game. For folks who monitor their brands for negative reviews, it’s a fire fighting game day in and day out. Here are ten softwares that can help you.

While building good image can be easy, maintaining it and stopping bad reviews from popping up can be daunting. You need to take charge and control online search results based on it’s notion and perception which could be sometimes misleading, inaccurate and can hit your business and online reputation hard on the face.

To make this process of online reputation manageable for brands and businesses, here is the list of 10 tools and software which could be boon for making you look good on internet.

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1) Brands Eye


Brands Eye is all-in-one online monitoring and insights tool- It can be used for Social CRM, Online Marketing Effectiveness, reputation and crisis management, new product development, marketing communications planning, brand strategy, recruitment,  social media strategic planning, new market expansion, online community insight, sponsorship effectiveness, API for relevant account holders and integration with your own data sources. Collectively this tool makes you make better business decisions. Price $220 to $999 per month for software subscription

2) Reputation


Reputation is a one fit for all software – This reputation management solution is suitable for individuals, small businesses and enterprises as well. Some of the features worth mentioning are – supress your negative search results and protect yourself and your family with personal protection feature. With enterprise grade solution you can track, analyse and improve your online presence. Price- $9.95 per month

3) Brand Guards software

This one is an enterprise level reputation solution for financial sector- Cloud-based reputation management software especially suitable for financial sectors like banking and financial service businesses. Track, monitor and automate your online reputation by transforming your brand image in organic search and social media. You can also create brand optimized content and watch its progress. Price- $2499 per year

4) Places Scout’s Reputation Management monitors business reviews from top business review sites

Assists businesses to get insights about their online reputation by collecting and tracking reviews from 15 top review sites and reviews from Google. It also gives summary and overview of online metrics, new review alerts and multiple data view. Social Media data gathering and report scheduling are among other features.

5) Reputation Monitoring


To control all the aspects of reputation management – Gathers all the data related to your business or brand such as social media sharings, reviews, blog posts, etc and produce reports helping businesses grow their reputation. Employee defamation remarks tracking on social media, tracking competition’s online reputation, email alerts, and much more.

6) Naymz

To manage and measure your social reputation-  You can build your brand by optimizing your skills profile and get it indexed, exchange platform to find and post ideas on social platforms directly and publish endorsements from colleagues for added trust and reputation. Measure your reputation and influence by getting repscore based on peer assessments, social influence and transparency.

7) Trackur

Trackur is the easiest, accurate and affordable reputation management tool – Get the details about your’s and your brand’s buzz online. Trackur is an online reputation and social media tool that scans every content form including news, blogs, videos, images, forums, etc and reverts the data. It is your reputation guardian that tracks your name, brand, products etc to get your online reputation analysed. Price- 427 to $447 per month

8) BrandWorkz


Is one portal to store, manage and share with a complete toolkit- BrandWorkz is a brand management tool that assists in online brand reputation management. Streamlines approval workflow so you can plan, track and approve projects by identifying blockages and move your brand materials to the market. Collaborate with colleagues and keep track of each others campaigns so to avoid any duplication. Reporting and analysis to maximize your branding efforts.

9) Reputation Click


Best to knock down negative links –  Real time reports as well local targeted analytics, reviews and reviews alerts along with reviews posting services, customs graphics kit for brands, search engines positions monitoring and also collect Facebook and Twitter reviews. Price- $299 to $2499

10) OwnerListens


For owners to take charge of your online reputation- Get all the feedback (the good, the bad and the ugly) from your anonymous customers privately and address them to grow your positive online feedback and reviews in real time. Reward your customers which is on Owner Listens, automatic feedback storage and send responses to each and every customer through customizable auto-response. Price- Free

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