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Now Google Will Help You Opt Out of Email Lists You Don’t Need – Automatically!

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

I’m sure all of us have a ton of emails in your inbox from email lists you either haven’t subscribed to or were once interested but don’t read anymore. What to do with them? Delete manually? Unsubscribe? Report as spam?

Of course, there are third-party apps like Unroll that will help you figure it out, but looks like Google has taken the issue in its own hands.

Android Police reports that Google’s Inbox email app will now automatically detect emails you get from email lists, that you don’t read anymore or haven’t replied to in a while.

Apparently, Inbox will send you an alert when you get email from a repeat sender you haven’t responded to in 30 days. Here’s how the card with look.

Unsubscribe from email spam

This is a nice addition. Imagine all the time you can save by just clicking that unsubscribe button.

Email marketers, time to get more smart and useful about your lists and less spammy.

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