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Top 5 Software to Create Kick-Ass Landing Pages

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:58 am

Landing pages, oh boy! For an average search marketer, there is no one day that goes by, without having to deal with landing pages. Sometimes tweaking them, perfecting that messaging, adding a tracking code or measuring that A/B test result, there’s always something they pull us into.

I’ve been a big fan of landing pages always, mainly because in a world (search that is) where many things are vague, landing pages are the only thing that has everything in black and white. They’re like your daily report cards, showing you how well or poor you perform by the hour, by the minute and the second.

Interesting isn’t it?

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Top 5 Amazing Landing Page Software For SEOs

Well, let’s take a look at the some of the most popular and efficient tools out there that will help search marketers create kick ass landing pages.

1. iOn Interactive’s Live Ball Landing Page Software

One of my personal favorite, these guys are like the Tiger Woods of landing pages. An amazing set of tools, that integrate well with other platforms, lets you tweak data to the granular level and beat the s*** out of your competition. You like it or not, you got to have tried Live Ball, if you ever had a landing page.

software-create-landingpage 2.  Page Wiz

This is another amazingly simple landing page creator tool, that lets you a whole lot of things with simple drag and drops. It has got an A/B test tool, Load Balancing, Analytics and a Template gallery to name a few. Check it out here.

3.  Hubspot Landing Page Creator

Probably the most convenient and versatile marketing tool out there today, Hubspot has a dedicated Landing Page creator, that integrates with almost all the popular CMS out there. One of their highlights is “Smart Fields” – which can automatically remove fields for which you already have information. Little things like this count!

software-create-landingpage-hubspot 4.  Instapage

This is a fairly simple and straight-to-the-point landing page creator software that makes everything easy and simple. Several templates to choose from building landing pages here is easy as 1-2-3. They also have analytics and form generators. Probably not as sophisticated as Live Ball but does the job neat!

software-create-landingpage-instapage 5.  Lander App

These guys are the web 3.0 version of landing pages. Totally eye candy, apple like interface and easy drag and drop features, it is a pleasure to create landing pages on Lander App. It comes with all the regular features, Google Analytics integration, Social Integration, Email Marketing Integration, CRM Integration and support.

software-create-landingpage-landerapp Which landing page software do you use?

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