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How To Find Out Top SEO Pages From A Website?

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

Question for today..

How do you find the best performing organic pages from a website?

For example, you want to find out all the pages from a website (any website that’s not yours) that are popular on Google and are giving them all their SEO traffic. How do you find it?

Couple of different ways you can do it. Let me explain.

First off, I’m assuming that you want to find the best performing organic pages from a website that’s not your’s. (For your own website, you should have Google Analytics installed and it is pretty easy finding the best performing Organic pages. Check out this tutorial.)

Now, before I jump into the solution, let’s define something.

What are are best performing organic pages?

It differs from website to website. For example, performance for an e-commerce site is sales and conversions. For them, finding a best performing page means finding the best converting pages or the pages that are giving most sales. For this, you need to have their sales data. So, strike that.

Second, for most websites best performing pages means pages that are most popular on search engines. Or, pages that are doing well on SEO. Can you find it out, if you aren’t the owner of the site? Of course, yes. Let’s see how.

How to find best performing SEO pages from any website?

You need tools. Like any SEO, having the right tools makes everything possible.

There are many tools that will make this possible. Let me explain some of my favorite ways.

I use this amazing tool called SERPstat, that let’s me find everything about a website. Their top SEO pages, which keywords they are on first page of Google, which one’s did they recently get into first page of Google etc. Here’s how I do it.

Go to SERPstat > Organic research > Top pages

Then click on the “Filters” button and give in the following filters.

  • Domain position for a keyword – Give something like 1 and 10, which will restrict showing all the pages that only has keywords ranking on page 1.
  • URL filter – Add in the domain name. (You can add in any particular keyword that you think you want to see. For example, you are interested in finding out if the website has a page about “apples”, then you type in apples in the URL filter).

How to find top SEO pages

Applying the filter, you would get a result similar to this.

Find the best organic pages from a website

Clicking on the number of keywords against each page will tell me what those keywords are and what rank, the corresponding page has for that keyword on Google.

How to find best organic SEO pages

So, there you have it. This is my favorite way of finding the best performing organic keyword from a website. I’m sure there are other methods as well, that work, but this is one that I think is easy and most accurate.

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