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Create a Free Mobile website with Google

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:58 am

Creating a mobile website is not easy. Of course, you have those free plugins that will make an instant change with a tap, but creating a real mobile version of a website with a proper responsive design, and good user experience requires lot of thinking and hard work.

Google wants to help you.

Google says that one reason for a high bounce rate on referrals from mobile devices is the bad user experience on websites. And there is only one way to fix it. Create a good mobile experience for users!

GoMo or Go Mobile initiative from Google was launched hence.



This do-it-yourself site builder, customized specifically for GoMo users, easily converts regular websites into mobile-friendly sites in five simple steps. And it allows you to add features like a click-to-call button, mobile maps and Google AdSense. Sites that are created with the GoMo-DudaMobile tool will be hosted free for one year.

Well, try it out – its from Google, after all!

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