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10 Things Successful Inbound Marketers Do Everyday

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am


Inbound marketers don’t share different things, they share things differently.

1. Keep track of what’s going on around you

Trend spotting is not easy. Especially considering the large volume of information around us. But there are places where you can go to. Like or, which are active communities that share amazing information on everything online marketing.

2. Build new relationships

People are always looking at opportunities to find value in whatever they engage in. Being a island will get you nowhere. Instead, build relationships, both online and offline. Retweet people, share content, attribute the source, call up new people, do whatever you can to keep connecting with new people.

3. Talk to customers

One mistake many of us make when things go right, is to ignore the obvious – forget your customers. Successful inbound marketers always connect and stay in touch with their immediate customers. It helps them learn new things with a feedback system.

4. Number crunching

Every successful inbound marketer will agree that the one thing they absolutely love doing is number crunching. Data is everywhere, it’s about figuring out what makes sense, that works.

5. Educate peers

Inbound marketing is unique in that it brings together a lot of different marketing channels together. SEO, SEM, Lead Acquisition, Optimization, Customer Engagement etc to mention a few. Therefore, educating them on various facets of inbound marketing is a constant challenge for inbound marketers. On the other side, it is an opportunity to learn the full funnel and keep the efforts streamlined.

6. Design new strategies

All the time. New challenges are everywhere. Be it with landing page optimization or planning an editorial calendar. Inbound marketers are always looking at finding solutions to problems. And strategies are part of the daily life. New strategies every quarter, every month and every week.

7. Experiment new CTAs

Never stop testing – is the mantra of every Inbound marketer. We’re constantly testing one thing or another at different time frames. A new button, a new landing page version, a new message, it’s always testing time. The benefits? Being efficient and fast moving while optimizing success.

8. Learn from failures

Mistakes are a part of life for an inbound marketer. But there are no mistakes, just experiences. There are bad experiences when one doesn’t learn from mistakes. But when you convert every mistake by learning from it, success will already follow you.

9. Set new targets

Success is essential for every marketing channel. Inbound is no different. But what is different in Inbound is that one get to see successes and failures more frequently. This way, setting new targets becomes a routine for the Inbound marketer. Successful Inbound Marketers are always analyzing, resetting or tweaking their targets, constantly improving them.

10. Reverse Engineer success

One of the things that successful marketers do is to embrace success wherever they can find it, even with your competitor. Not just embrace it, but practice, learn and decode it, reverse engineer it. Using tools like it is easy to figure out what attributed to the success of any website. Find it out, get inspired and do it better! Inbound and content marketers are constantly doing the reverse engineering process, it’s so much efficient than reinventing the wheel from scratch.

What are some of the things you do on a daily basis as part of your inbound marketing efforts?

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