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Online Shopping goes Social, buy things off Twitter

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:58 am

So, the first time I heard about this website, I was not interested at all. I mean, I’m not on social media to shop stuff online. But then I thought…Oh! Well, may be there are folks out there who’d buy things for a deal.

Enter Buzzmart, another social media startup trying to make it big in social media shopping – a not so explored area.

According to the website.. is a new, innovating and dynamic online shopping marketplace platform that offers a people-centric approach to buying and selling online. The website was based on simple ideas: “How to make buying & selling online fun, interactive and socially connected”. Based on these three simple rules the social marketplace concept was born.

Buzzmart allows users to list their items on the website free of charge without any fees, commissions or membership costs. In addition each user can create a unique profile page, embedd videos of their products, video chat live with buyers and sellers or simply take part in the forum discussions. Without having to pay any fees for selling online whilst also having fun and being able to trade with people you already trust is what makes the Buzzmart community unique to any other online marketplace to date.

Well, while this sounds innovative, it sure does sounds complex as well.

Why would anyone want to trust the website and spend so much time on it shopping when you can switch to Amazon and get things done in a jiffy?

Well, the social engagement part sure sounds great but it’s a question whether the website can provide users value from their very first transaction (if at all they decide to shop that is). It will however be fun to shop on social media, and may be if I see my friends shopping (and me getting an alert / notification), may be I would buy even.

Let’s see where it goes.

Why Buzzmart? from Buzzmart on Vimeo.

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