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Fundraising on Social Media made easy with Crowdtilt

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:58 am

Fundraising on Social Media has always been an opportunity nobody got right. There sure has been several attempts from sites like but none of them really got picked up or embraced by social media. There is no one single website your friend would recommend when you ask for a fundraising option except PayPal may be, which is a bunch of hurdles to set up.

So, here’s another new startup that’s offering just that – fundraising via your friends on social networks.

Crowdtilt – It looks very simple and easy to use in the first glance, and I think it might well be so, like all social media apps are these days. It has a very simple three step process.


a) Create a cause b) Share the cause via your networks and c) Receive funds on PayPal, Direct deposit or check.

The whole application is very much social without the regular bottlenecks one would expect from an online payment machine. They are pretty straightforward with their fee structure as well. 2.5% of the whole amount raised, only if it reaches the target, that is. Very fair – I’d say.

Currently, Crowdtilt is only available in the United States and anyone with a billing address or credit card can start a campaign. What stands out in Crowdtilt is the fact that they connect your facebook account and use your (you can) network to raise the fund. So the more friends you have, more the money raised!

These days, where there are lot of scams. I think this is  a novel idea and might help a few genuine folks out there looking to raise funds for their noble causes.

Check it out!

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