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A WordPress Theme That’s SEO Optimized, Responsive & Retina Ready!

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

WordPress themes are many, but finding one like this is rare. If you’re looking for a WordPress theme that is versatile to fit for any purpose, then I can surely say it is Divi. It’s a fully customizable WordPress theme built with some powerful features that I haven’t seen in any theme yet, hands down. There are several beautiful WordPress themes, but one that is built with both beauty and power in equal importance – only a few and Divi is undoubtedly the topper there. Quite honestly, understanding all concepts of this theme is hard. So much of research and effort is built into it that only advanced WordPress developers will understand it’s full functions. But at the same time, you don’t have to be a geek to get started with Divi. It is easy to set up, get running and will not leave you at half way like many other themes. Well, to start off, there are couple of things that make the Divi theme different from the rest. The Builder, The pre-made layout, Layout import-exports and the modules. Divi is a unique theme in the sense that it is built on a page builder platform that is designed and developed from the ground up. Using Divi’s drag and drop builder you can create beautiful layouts with ease and control over every part of your site. 
use_builder   You can pretty much customize how your page looks with this drag and drop builder. getting_started_builder The modules are a collection of pre-made features that you can drag and drop to create unique content blocks. There are several modules available like sliders, pricing tables, testimonials, maps, accordion and what not! modules The good thing with Divi theme is that there are pre-built layouts you can load up to create pretty much any type of website, a business portfolio, a content blog, an e-commerce product, a software showcase, what ever! It’s all got the modules and page layouts for it. Of course, it’s fully responsive and retina ready! divi2-mobile-mockup Essentially, if you’re looking for any kind of WordPress theme, Divi can do it for you, and each website will totally look different even if the underlying theme is Divi. The possibilities of building a new theme every time you drag and drop a module is limitless – truly! divi2-screenshots Check it out for yourself here – Divi.

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